Cancer's non-existent love life

  • I'm 22 almost 23 (6/29) and I have never had a boyfriend. Most women my age have had at least one boyfriend and it is discouraging when your friends are finding love and you are left behind. Does anyone see love coming my way any time soon and can you give me some info about him? I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

  • I'm not much of a chart reader, but I will say love and happiness is in the stars. Be patient and love will stumble into your life expectantly.

  • Don't worry about it, it'll happen eventually. It's all about circumstance, who you are and what you want, right? Because girl, think about it -it is NOT HARD for a women to catch any man. Men are waiting on the sidelines to be scooped up by a woman. But you obviously don't want just any man. So, there lies the problem. But it's not a bad thing, I'm 25 and I've only had one boyfriend, and that's when I was 19. I have had a LOT of men come and go in my life since then, though, and they come and go because they aren't what I want or need. I understand your frustration though, because I am definitely getting to that point as well. But just know that if you just keep your mind on your life and stay true to yourself and have fun, someone great will come along.

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