Reading Needed- Pisces and Capricorn

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    You - the fool

    You show - page of swords

    You hide 5 of coins

    At your feet - 6 of coins

    In your head - ace of wands

    Him - the Death

    He shows - queen of swords

    He hides - King of swords

    At his feet - page of coins

    In his head - King of cups

    Your trees - Queen of wands + Chariot + 7 of swords

    His trees - 2 of cups + hanged man + 4 of wands

    Your end - Queen of cups

    His end - ace of swords

    Resume - High priest

    So reading for you Marie.

    You are on new way. have you children. I suppose that your life is now around them ... You hide 5 of coins - you scare about your life and you suppose that it will be strong crisis in your life without him and you are tormenting a bad feeling... and you scare that your life turned to worth... you show that there was section and disassembly with your ​​husband, you can not calm down until now, you want to understand why all this happened. you had a gust to maintain these relationships at least for the children (I just suppose this) but everything has happen as happen.

    he is not good person.. frankly speaking... his feelings are low-lying. he thinks that he is still young and brave.. this separation has no any influence on him. I think another woman has involved to him and he is sank to sexual freedom.

    At his feet you are preparing to divorce and I think he will help or may be give you some compensation...

    But you still think of him... Actually turning to him back would be the biggest mistake for you.

    You feel abandoned, at the same time he burnt all bridges to your love.

    Lovers blessing you it means that that your marriage is flying downhill.

    The only thing if you have common children he will help you may be share responsibilities.

    Your trees - Queen of wands + the Chariot + 7 of swords.

    You will be lonely some time... but your life will be turned for better. Do not worry you will survive everything and new positive line will appear in your life. I can say that you will have Second official marriage you will travel may be move to another place or may be your new husband will be from new place.

    His trees - 3 of cups + hanged man + 4 of wands - He believes that he is now promising a bachelor but he is absolutely unprotected from this life and he does not know what women he will meet on his way. He will regret 100 times for leaving you, he'll realize what a good wife you had for him, but i suppose it would be too late. He will experience difficulties entering a second marriage. I can suppose that he will ask you come back. Everything will depend on you if you want to stay with him or leave completely... he will not be changed,

    But to my opinion you will have second husband and this new man will love you. This new person does not appear in my spread so that I can suppose that some time should pass till you come down and find him. But future will be much more better for you than you realize.

    Good luck!

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