Psychic Insight Please- Confused Pisces...Shuaby...Others???????????????????????

  • Dear Grennii74

    I feel right away that he was someone that was there when you needed him, but not on a indept have a relationship now type thing. He has to concentrate on his new job and life there. He is doing just that, men are not ones that like a lot of displays of emotions , depends on the man , in this case it sounds like he is one that wants the lighter enjoyable side of life and love at this time.

    You on the other hand are at a crossroads and in need of counsling . Find a doctor or a support group to talk out your feelings with until you are emotionally a bit stronger. I feel you crying at night as you do not like being alone, which can prove to be dangerous for you in choosing the right man to get next too at this time.

    It will take you two to three more months to heal and than you will begin to feel renewed and stronger within your soul+ mind, will, emotions and will than make a better choice where a man is concerned, as I feel and old friend stepping forward and relating feelings he has for you to consider.


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