Urgent advice needed!!

  • well...i am a piscean woman and i was dating a cancer man...the relationship was going well at the start....but he suddenly started loosing interest in me after we had s**...i kept following him like a puppy dog coz i was very much in love with him...he started acting weird....he asked me for a break..but i just could not keep myself away from him...he then started blaming me for things i did not do...one day he just broke up giving no convincing reason...he dumped me real bad....i still tried to get him back but things went horrible.....my parents got to know about it and they lodged a complaint against him...and it could not get worse!! ...he does not even wish to see my face ever again...but i am still not over him...i love him a lot...what should i do??

  • Sorry, but this is typical Cancer male mating behaviour - they come on very strong at first until they realise that you are only human and not the perfect partner they are seeking. Cancer men are dreamers, searching for the ideal woman who will be just like their mother (or a more perfect version of her). When you don't measure up, they leave to look for someone else, not realizing they are on an impossible quest for perfection that doesn't exist. He will not be back.

    Learn your lesson and move on.

  • thanx for your help but there is yet another problem that am facing....there is this guy who is a sagittarius and i kind of get attracted to him....i had a huge crush on him a few years back....and now iv started liking him again.....

    my D.O.B-6/3/1994

    his D.O.B-6/12/1992

    we are good friends .....and even he is some what attracted to me but he said he cant give me enough time for now...and that we can start a relationship after some time....so should i wait for him??

  • You and the Sag look good for marriage, but getting through a love affair will be difficult. Your friendship and love affair tend to the strange, even to the peculiar. Seldom interested in following the straight and narrrow road, your relationship will go far afield to find what really satisfies and stimulates it, and will rarely be content with middle-class values. If you two deny or ridicule each other's needs for comfort and security, however - and these needs can be significant - you may be undercutting the relationship's longevity. In marriage, the drive for security may well emerge even more strongly, often bringing about a marked change in your values especially if you are a young couple. Should you have children, they will undoubtedly appreciate the value of a settled domestic life still more. Achieving financial stability is an important challenge for this marriage to face. Neither of you is very practical on your own but together you can surmount any difficulties to create a sensible and well-ordered life.

    This relationship can turn out to be a highly provocative and lively one - not much boredom will ever manifest here. You two must be extremely careful however to moderate your energies and avoid taking on too much. Both physical activity and highly imaginative endeavours are characteristic of your combination. You can bring out the more introverted aspects of your friend's character and in your own private world together you can both give vent to unlimited flights of fancy. Kaleidoscopic, the relationship's everchanging thought patterns roam over vast areas of human endeavour.

  • just a small bit of advice you are 17 years old and you have so much life ahead of you along with maturing sweetie, you will find many loves that you are atracted to so just enjoy your early years...ok

    peace,love and light...

    please be careful

  • ppl...thnx for the advice!!...

  • You are soooo young and sound very blissfully naive.(no offense meant at all)

    You will learn that relationships come and go, he was not a keeper, you are better off. Just look at how he treated you, do you REALLY want to put yourself through that? I am sorry you are going through this, I have been there as I'm sure have many others. Don't seem desperate, the most attracitve quality in a person is CONFIDENCE. I am sorry I don't know too much about sign compatibilty besides my own with others, but in my own humble opinion you're better off.

    Take care and many blessings

  • hey captain could you pls pls pls get me a reading for my career !!

  • Helpneeded, you need to find a career that is very well-paid because you have a deep need for material comfort, stability, and security through having money. You would do well entering a partnership with someone in business, because you can use your talents to enhance your partner's energy, making a strong prosperous team that can bring big financial rewards. And when you value yourself fairly, you will be paid fairly. You are definitely smart and competent enough to handle your own finances but it can help to have another partner to handle the other details of a business. But it's not so much money itself that you want but the experiences it buys. You do want a safe secure home base, preferably with a fireplace, but when you come into your full confidence, you will tend to trade security for adventure.

    You would make a great editor since you have the ability to delve into the minds of others, discern their intentions, and bring the material to light in a clear way. You have a talent for empowering the projects and businesses of others and, when you do so, the other person will generously reward you. You can work well with other peoples' money as in banking, insurance or investments. You also would excel as a psychologist, counsellor, researcher, rehabilitator, or private detective, or in other lines of work that involve delving into secrets. You have innate gifts of thoroughness and determination, which can build lasting results. You can also create stability in crisis situations so your dependability would suit any high-tension jobs as police mediator, surgeon, paramedic, or fireman. Any profession that involves constant change and growth is good for you as this brings excitement and the potential for personal evolution. Variety in your career is the spice of life for you. and anything that allows you to explore many facets of experience are fulfilling - such as teaching, writing, acting, music, politics, leading trainings, court reporting or sales work that involves travel and working with a lot of different people. With so many talents, you can do almost anything that appeals to you. With your quick wit and insights into people - and having worked off any limiting beliefs or fears or insecurity - you will achieve whatever you want.

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