Markie808 - may I encroach?

  • You seem brilliant with your readings on numerology and wondered if you could enlighten me with a love/relationship reading. Been single for the last 6 years and now need someone meaningful in my life to share with but at the same time maintain my space and independence. My DOB is 24 November 1959.

    Any other information you require please ask away.

    Thanks in advance Markie and will understand if you don't have the time as can see you're pretty inundated with requests.


  • Thank you very much Markie. Is strange you say that I tend to attract what I want as someone else told me that but yet I've had to struggle (I would say from mid twenties) to get what I wanted and then not everything came to fruition. Have had to contend with the fact that it/they weren't going to happen and just let them go. Finances have never been great for me either and I'm not particularly frivolous with my money. You're correct in saying from end of last year was when it hit me that I really did want to settle down with someone and thought at the time I had met someone who I wished to give it a go with - I'd been seeing him since early October 2010 (his DOB 06 October 1966) and up until recently we'd got along really well. There was no commitment between us as it was a very laid back 'relationship' , if you can call it that. Yet the last weekend we spent together which incidentally was not very often was 5 weeks ago - haven't seen him since and the last point of contact was a phone call from him which was over 3 weeks ago. I shan't contact him as I'm too proud and stubborn and just wonder what on earth is going on?

    Due to the fact I've suffered a lot of disappointments throughout my life I tend to err on the negative side - an unrealistic Sagi trait I know. I feel if I curb excitement for future prospects then I won't feel down if they don't materialise. Yet I'm a very positive person towards other people especially when they need bucking up.

    I do hope by end of May I will have someone substantial in my life but don't wish to dwell on the possibility in case it doesn't occur.

    You're correct in saying I agree with people just to avoid upset and yes I've got myself into some fixes being that way. I don't like hurting people. Also yes, I am an active person as I have a very low boredom threshold.

    I promise Markie I shall try to focus positive thoughts on what I want and will mindfully create that 'Adonis' I'm seeking ;-). Who knows with a continual positive mental attitude I may just turn my life around.

    Many thanks again Markie. I really do appreciate you spending time to give me this reading.

    Hope my feedback was comprehensive enough - if there's anything you would like clarity on please feel free.

    I shall go now and 'create a good day' 🙂


  • Thank you Markie and all the best to you too x

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