• I was wondering would anyone be able to help me lately when ive been talking to Paddifluff about her wanting to move countries ive been feeling really cold, the other day i literally was frozen to the core and my thermostat in my house said it was 20 degrees celcuis . I thought maybe its a spirit trying to make contact i would be grateful for anyones insight .

    Many Thanks and Blessings inadvance

    Love and Light Loap:)

  • 🙂

  • Hello Mags,

    This is what I am getting from the medicine cards:

    You (and Sheelagh) are scrutinising this, but you need to take a broader view as you are missing something important. There is a connection to Great Spirit here, connect to your higher selves (using whatever works for you) and trust in your own power that you will figure it out. You are on the right track, but take a broader, wider view of things.

    Also, stop worrying or taking this too seriously. Enjoy it, laugh about it, it's not as bad as it appears. This is a connection between the two of you and no harm will come from it. Great Spirit assures you of that.

    Love & light,


  • Oops! Forgot Deer's message!

    Approach this with gentleness and love. Don't try to force or confront things. You may not get the answers you seek when you want them, but persistent gentleness will erode the toughest of obstacles.

    Love and light,


  • just want to say hi to you guy

  • Hmm riddles riddles riddles I wonder Mags are we soul mates or twin others or something.

    THX Marc!

  • Hi all Thanks Marc for your insight Sheelagh dont worry its not negative in anyway its just a mystery where is the energy coming from should we make a time to have a powwow during meditation and i will send a message across to you ? It would be interesting to see what we pick up its 8.30 am here ive just only a couple of minutes ago turned my heater off as i was boiling now the cold is here again .

  • Loap,

    Blmoon just showed up on the chat thread and want Paddi to explain it all, but I think Paddi is probably asleep by now.

    I don't know what went on between you two on e-mail so I only have what you guys discussed here and it is preety much what I described on the chat thread. I could discern a specific spot on the top center of my right shoulder. The cold permeated around my whole body but that was the coldest spot like it was comming from up and behind me. My whole arm was so cold. Funny thing is, right after writting about it this morning, my husband came downstairs (where I was in the basement) and the first thing out of his mouth was, "da*mn its cold down here." Now the thing is, the basement it always the same temperature, so the cold did permeate the whole room. I don't feel it now even thought I visited the thread again and read your comments. So I don't know but...Paddi said you saw a purple eye that sent you back from tapping into her or something. that is MyJourney's avatar. I did not see her on here today and I did speak with her last night but what do you think?


  • Hi Ibelieve

    The cold always start s on my right hand side as well and only comes when im chatting or posting to Sheelagh so i feel its for her i just want to know who or what it is i was frozen this morning when i was typing oh this purple eye was a deep purple and it has real strict energy and it wanted me to open my eyes it was struggling with me and when i wouldnt it virtually shut me out from making any contact at all everything faded to black .

  • That is too weird.

    I did not feel it until I read your post about on the chat thread, so I don't think I picked it up form Paddi as I read her post first and had to go back and find yours to see what she was talking about. So, I think I got it from you. It was like you had embedded it in your writing about it and then I had a very hard time shaking it off. But I was very clear in being able to pinpoint it. As I wrote, this same cold invaded the basement room I was in so much so that my husband could feel it when he came down.

    I did finally go away by early evening and I do not have the same feeling today. I even went back and re-read your post and did not feel it. On the other hand, I did not want to go thru it again either, so maybe I mentally blocked it rather than being open to it.

    Don’t know about the purple eye, just thought it weird that Myjourney has it as her avatar.

    If you think in terms we use to communicate the phrases:

    “Freezing you out.”


    “Turning a cold shoulder.”

    Come to mind, and that is just what the purple eye did to you.

    As to why, I did do a reading last night and earlier in the day but could not fathom the answers. (I think the cold stuff and my own real life drama kept me closed off yesterday) but I went back this morning and two things stand out based on the phrases that also popped up this morning. I think both apply to Paddi and her dilemma.

    1. “the mystic that wants to be left alone with her meditations. If you can pull yourself away from all superficial distractions and relationship concerns, you may receive some important guidance or insight.“

    2. To much looking back into the past with fondness clouds moving forward. That was a younger and freer time which makes it appealing in its simplicity when we have such burdens of responsibilities in the now and in the future. However, trying to go back with today’s level of responsibilities and burdens does not make them go away and changing location only adds more things to work out. (That does not mean a move is not the thing to do but the decision of where should not be hindered by nostalgia, blinding real questions of specific needs.)


  • Hi IBelieve

    the thing about looking back with fondness corresponds with another reading a friend did which said I had to let go of the past to move forward. But the thing is I do not look back with fondness at all in fact my past is holding me back from making that final decision. I need to clear my head. I am glad you do not feel cold or maybe you do after reading this. It would be interesting to know.

  • Paddi,

    No, I do not feel the cold today. I think (for me) it was just that one post by Loap that connected me and I spent the day getting rid of it.

    I read Blmoon's answer to you just now. WOW, that was alot.

    Now, I don't know if the reading I mentioned here was for you or about this "other" energy of the house.

    I got this real weird imagery from Blmoon's posting like there is a past presence there that maybe does not want you to move or "she did not want to move" and it is all just past energy still laying around. (Maybe she just wants your husband to stay, LOL) I don't know much about this sort of thing (or I do but block myself from recieving it cause I don't want to be a part of that realm. LOL)

    Anyway, I think Blmoon is right and you may need to close down and "barricade"/clear yourself so you can hear what YOUR higher mind has to say. Strengthen your white light bubble to not only rid yourself of negative forces but to repell any being directed at you. (Funny, I just wrote this same thing to RC this morning.)

    You might also want to check out what I said to her about things brought into the house with bad energy attached from previous owners. You didn't recently purchase some antiques of previously owned furniture did you? Can you think back to when all this started and does it correspond to some purchase?

    If so, here is the full length write up from the feng shui lady I get daily tips from. (Ellen Whitehurst)

    "Antique furniture, clothes and any other aged items can actually be harmful to the home due to what Feng Shui calls 'predecessor,' or left over, energies. It's therefore really important to reduce the potential effect of negative energy by rubbing raw sea salt all over the piece with a damp cloth. Leave the salt on the furniture for seven days, allowing it to drop off on its own. This will effectively neutralize any 'yin' energy that might still be stuck on the antique. Be sure to open all compartments and drawers and place salt into these spaces as well. Another easier method is to place a piece of bright red paper under the antique for at least nine days. Or you can always weather this possible storm by putting it outside in the sunshine. And, whatever you do, never keep an antique firearm inside the house since it's thought that it might have tasted blood and therefore could pack a particularly potent negative punch. Ring out the old, literally, with a bell, too. You can cleanse antique energies by ringing a brass bell above, below and all around the antique piece. Everything old can be new again, as long as you use any of these adjustments, cures and advisos!"


  • Ibelieve I wonder about tha antique thing too. I have just dumped some sheets which hubby brought from his life in to our life and I am looking for other stuff. There is actually still a lot of the previous owners handiwirk here and I have always felt he was a dominant or abusive person.

    Well I definitely have my work cut out for me.

    Back later tomorrow is flea market day and I am busy packing stuff.

  • Okay,

    You'll calm down and get it figured out and/or cleared out. Have wonderful and prosperous weekend. I am off to my sisters for the weekend so no internet. (It is a our time together sort of thing) And I still need to do a reading for her and get to the bank, so you and everyone enjoy!!!

    Oh yeah, don't forget the new moon prosperity abundance check thing for Sunday May 1st New Moon.


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