• A place to ask your angels for help and guidance all welcome

    Today i give my angels permission to interviene in my life and ask my them to help with finding my husband a new job and for help guide me on the right path and i thank them from the bottom of my heart for the signs that they give me everyday .

    Thankyou Amen

  • AMEN!

  • love the pic Blmoon

  • I second that.

    I ask my angels to guide, show me, strengthen me in the time to come, i also ask them to convey to me why i am targetted as often as i am. I need insight to know what it is that makes me a target.

    as to why, mayb i can change it or understand as there is a reason for it.


  • charmedW

    Just take the bullseye off your forhead!

    couldn't resist that one! Just one smart as s to another----have you seen the kick me sign some joker sticks on my but t when I least expect it? We need to ban together charming one and catch them devils. Last time I chased one down imagine my shock when the little bugger looked just like me.


    THANK YOU for the pic. it has great meaning for me--it was my best friends favourite picture. She passed 6 years ago.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I ask my angels to intervene in helping me to best provide for my family and myself. I ask that you show me a guiding light to follow when I struggle with the choices that lie before me to make. I ask that you touch the heart of the person who is to hire me so that they will know me when they see me or my name and recognize my skills and abilities for what they are truly worth. Give me the strength and confidence to be the best I can be at being me. I pray that you are ever near in times of need and always close enough that I may feel your love and light on good days and bad. I know how truly blessed I am to have your presence in my life. And I'm truly sorry if I make your job more difficult than it has to be. Thank you for being my angels.

  • Amen, Amen, Amen.

  • I ask help in guidance and patience. To see past my ego and ego of others to help my perspective to be a loving one to trust in the unknown and have faith and fortitude to continue to be of service to take care of myself and my daughter in a loving nurturing capacity and live in gratitude and feel Spirits grace.

  • Today i ask my angels to stop all this bickering and negativity between people lifes to short i also ask them to help with finding my husband a new job that pays well and allow for quality time i ask them to restore my faith and guide me on the right path .

    Thankyou amen

  • Hi Guys

    Just wanna let everyone know that my last post was not aimned at anyone on this thread just people in my life in general .

    Love and light 2all:) Loap

  • I ask my angels to guide, guard n prevail me from deletion of tarot dot com forums. i know admin likes me n appreciate the help i give when pointing out scammers n spammers.

    i KNOW i ought not feel worried, but with the way some can twist n turn words is the truth often hidden in a blur of lies, where the lies is seen as truth n truth as lies.

    Angels prevail me AMEN!

  • HeY CWB ,

    Dont worry its not your fault i know whatever happend was started on another thread i totally understand now how you feel about the situation its not very nice i have surround you in a bubble of whitelight lets just pray that it doesnt happen again im so grateful that Admin gave me a second chance i pray for peace and happiness for us all.

    Here is my guardian angel

  • Thank u sweetie.

    here is mine

  • Hey CWB

    yes sorry meant to say before what a beautiful picture i love seeing images of angels guiding children on the right path ive been asking mine to send me a white feather but i still havent recieved one yet do you know the name of your angels ? and do you have a specific archangel that you communicate with ?

  • I know a few of their names but they lapse me right now. i have an all present one i call jane n i had one called pam , dunno what happened to her.

    arch angel i useally call arch angel michael.

    i need guidance now as i seem not to be on my right path education degree diploma wise. right now i feel like ought i continue on this path or do something else? if something else how do i convey it to my folks as i know mom will b disappointed n start crap on me.

    angels guide me i need u amen

  • Today I just want to thank my angels, particularly my guardian angel Lorelei for watching over me.

  • I ask my angels to intervene in my life and to help me rid myself of all the anger towards nyself from this and past lives and to put me on the right path to wherever I should be going.


  • I ask my Angels to untie me, and let me be free of any and all burdens that are mine and not mine...

    I ask my Angels to protect those that I love and to guide them in Love,peace and health

    I ask my Angels to give us answers to which we are asking, and for us to listen.

    I ask my Angels to protect all of my family on Tarot dot com with beautiful light to surround you and your families

    I ask my Angels to allow me to keep my home safe,loved,filled with blessings,abundance,health,laughter,peace and to turn my weakness's into strengths


    I ask my Angels to touch my heart and fill it with love, over and over again

    I ask my Angels, that " I will forgive those who are unjust to-wards me, with no thought as to whether they deserve it or not. Because I understand the law through which forgiveness of others strengthens my own character and wipes out my transgressions, in my subconscious mind"

    From Napoleon Hill..."The golden rule"

    Namaste to all of you


  • Today i ask my angels to

    guide me on the right path and surround me with their loving prescence


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