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  • Can any one do a reading for me about attaining a room or studio in broxkport. I am in colllege at brockport but currently live 40 minutes away and gas cost and time is way too much. 4.50 a gallon now here. I need an apartment there and have two months to acquire one. Casn any one assist? In exchange I can do a reading with tarot and divination.

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  • Rapunzle,

    I went back this morning and looked over the reading I did. I am much clearer this morning and the simple things popped right out, so here it is.

    You are worrying about this to the point of blocking movement. Rather than hoping to find a place, go out and FIND the place, with a determination that it is JUST a step and not the goal. Your goal is going to college and getting your degree. That WILL happen, so this is just one of those things you do like getting the books for class and if you can think in those terms then it is just one thing on a list to knock off. (no worries just a chore) Placing it in this role makes it a foregone conclusion.

    You have 2 1/2 months. Check out the papers during the week and highlight some possibilities. On the weekends go to town and check the places out, but keep your eyes open to others you might come across or people you meet.

    Do not jump at the first place you find in an effort to “rescue” you from having this hanging over your head. Just put it down to a concrete possibility and then go out and find the perfect place as you then have something to fall back on.

    The key to this may lie in the past. Perhaps another time when you had to make something come together quickly and it all just fell in line.

    Alternatively a person or place from your past may hold the key. Do you know anyone in the area or a town nearby?

    Hope this helps.


  • Ibelieve, thank you soo much. Your the only one to assist here, I do not know who it could be but i know people who know people in brockport and a few people who resided there, I am doing all you said already even on face book too. Craigslist, papers. Yeah I do need to get down there too and get involved".''Thank you! I am going to do a reading about htis myself to I will tell you what I see:)

  • Good,

    The last few days has been really weird and their were many who were not able to read and noted it as such. Up until this morning I was blank. The messages were there but I could not decipher them. The same has been true for quite a few others here and some are not even joining back in the site unitl they know it is clear again. (They had it even worse than me)

    As to your search, remember to relegate it to a lesser importance level.

    I think going to the town and getting a feel for the place should be a priority, especially before making any definite choices. The places you pick out of the newspaper etc are only words. They may sound wonderful but that never tells the full story. But a good feel to a place or area you actually visit tells all.

    Just know that you WILL find what works for you.

    I am off for the weekend, so have a wonderful one yourself. Also note that Sunday is a New Moon (I think it is in the middle of the night so Monday should do). So decide on what you want to come into your life (your wishes) and allow The Law of Abundance to take care of it for you.


  • Sorry I was wrong about the New Moon. It is either Mon or Tue but either day should be fine.


  • Hi Ibelieve hate to interupt but do you do readings?

  • Thank you Iblelieve. I can do another reding for you if you would like.

  • Are you saying do I want a reading or Ibelieve (just making sure lol)?

  • Ok Ibelieve this is a detailed reading I did; who when where what why how and a clarity card as the seventh card

    Knight Coins

    6 pentacles

    5 wands


    7 wands


    Clarity- Justice

    Could be from a past action or person; shows much valor in attaining it; 6 june possibly. Devil; commitment-lease maybe along with justice and 5w, 5w ands being competition, debate, challenge choice.........the how lovers..choice also values and beliefs...

  • Another I did too, see the synchrony with the other spread

    the who or what showed loyalty trusting as we have 2 a I am taking this as if I may know something about this place already or who is involved..

    Foundation with apartment 2 cups

    Recent past hang man

    what I need to know: Sun 2 wands star

    Near future influence Queen Cups

    Outcome (6th) Lovers

    this is a timing spread with aditional info on the subject, the last card tells the timing again we have 6 and again the lovers

  • Also look at surrounding cities with possible bus service or park and ride lots. With the 5w and 7w creating competition, broaden your outlook and think outside the box, be a cut above your competition and find those places that they may not think of. This can provide a better living arrangement, in a better neighborhood with a cheaper price tag.

    Lessen your neediness tendancy and think in terms of I WILL. When approaching prospective choices, be at ease and show your best. Know the right p[lace will along your path. This replaces neediness with triumph. Comming at it from a place of "I will" opens doors and oppurtunities, people you meet will be helpful.

    The 2w between the Sun and the Star. Your conflict is internal and has no basis in reality unless you give it a leadership rule. If you release this conflict the sun and the star rule. You are protected and your wishes will be granted well beyond your small thoughts.

    Does this provide some clarity?


  • 🙂

  • thank you well new things came up and I may not have a car, so i need be close, I havnt thought about this til a few days ago but on campus living..I get about 5g financial with a loan...until I get back on my feet. Tuiton is only 3100 with fees and books too. That cuts down 500 of bills and savings I can grow for a good down pay on my school loan. the reading I did on the first page I am not sure you saw it...

    thank you that helped and yes I will get it , it will work out

    Thank you!

    peace love prosper!

  • my mom just popped up in my life too its been 25 years no mother, now she wants me to come stay with her but its 75 miles from the school I am registering with. Weird though.

  • Definitely weird. The most prominant item in the reading I did for you was that the key was in your past but I could not tell where or who. It was definite about things moving fast and you playing catch up as in new directions not thought of. But there were also some warning about jumping in just to get it over with and yet ending up with strings attached.

    In light of this new information let me lay out the cards for you to see from my original reading. I use the same layout as this site which is the 11 card celtic cross. The additional challenges position #3 is the one on the past. The reason I put so much emphasis on this because although it is the third card for some reason I turned it over first. (and I never do that).

    I use the Universal Rider Waite deck

    Self: 8 of Wands

    Situation: King of Wands

    Challenges: 6 of Cups

    Foundation: 9 of Swords

    Recent Past: The Tower

    Higher Power: 8 of Pentacles

    Near Future: 9 of Wands

    Blocks & Inhibitions: Temperance

    Allies: 8 of Swords

    Advice: 6 of Pentacles

    Long Term Potential: Queen of Swords

    Hope this gives you some clearer insight.

    On a lighter note, I am glad to hear that there are more options opening up for you. Good to keep looking at the bigger picture.


  • well I landed a place its 3/4 miles from the college only 380 month inluding utilities. Its .2 miles from the library and grocerie store. banks, gas station, all kinds of places are within minutes walking distance. I was able to sell my expensive car too. Saved money and rid anxiety there. lol. This is a time for great independence and focus. It reminds me much of my past when on my owwn at 16. it brings back memories. I am excited. A rebirth and personal power time.

    Much thanks for all your input!




  • Wow, that was fast and furious. The amount of positive energy in your post is so astoundingly different than in your first which was downright desperate. Keep that energy going right into classes and remember the feeling of just getting it done!

    Hope all the best for you now and in the future.


  • Just to clarify my major challenge is the King of Wands...he is a leader bold and takes risks...I get the gist here. Queen of swords is a very astute independent woman. She rules her own roost. 6 pentacles is telling me to be carefull about where I apply my energy. Its a resources card as well.

    here is what I got for the villager apartment 380


    situation 7swrd

    challenge ace swrds

    foundation: 9 coins

    past: King cups

    Higher power: Magician

    Near future: 10 cups

    blocks/inihibitions: emperor

    Allies: 5 srwds

    Advice: 8 swrds

    Outcome: Ace coins

    This is much of self interest, power, mental fortituude and independence....

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