Cancer Man & Pisces Woman- Need Help and Advise Please.

  • Hey Greenii74 As I tell all women who are interested in Cancer men, be careful. He may have just been flirting or hoping to hookup and nothing more. Cancer's can change their minds quickly so he may have meant what he said at the time but then changed his mind when he realized how serious you are. We can be very flirty and it can come off as something more. Take it down a few notches and wait it out. If you don't hear from him in a week or two send him one more message and make sure it's fun and not serious, but if you are looking for something serious don't make him think you are cool with just flirting or hooking up. Ask him what he is looking for straight out. Life is too short to play games and if he doesn't feel the way you do about him, move on. it's not worth more heartache. You've already been through enough.

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