• I feel like at this point in my life, I'm a bit at a standstill. Possibly not able to recognize what paths lie before me, or whether I'm judging them correctly, and I was looking for advice, possibly through a reading or whatnot. Some sort of guidance about the direction I should move in.

    Also, maybe some input regarding someone I work with. There seems to be mutual interest, but professionalism at work means that any interest can't be overt. I'm just curious about the situation with this particular guy, and what potential lies there...

    My birthday is 10/15/1985, if that help.


  • Thank you for your response, Markie.

    I am indeed quite creative/artistic... I think that's one of the things that I'm conflicted about with my direction. I went to school for a field related to it, but that hasn't born any fruit, so to say. Much of my conflict as far as my goals in life stems from this: pursue occupation using my creativity/talents and risk never finding any sort of success, or instead pursue a more practical or accessible occupation that will be more stable financially.

    The idea that something early in my life that may have happened, and that now effects my ability or supressing this part of myself is interesting. I don't know off anything obvious that would effect my later development so, but I feel that maybe there is something there (but possibly relating to more, even as far as my social development... I was a very shy, reserved child and teenager, and I feel that my social skills are a little stunted or underdeveloped because of this...)

    I feel that a lot of what you describe about me fits.

    Most of my main conflict at the moment is that I feel I lack direction. I know this is not uncommon for someone my age, but I feel that I am stagnating. I really don't know what to do. I know there should be paths or something for me to take, but I don't feel as though I'm seeing them. I know of one or two possibilities that have not actually come up but seem as though they may soon; one would entail that I move to another state, the other would require me to change fields (but both of these are more speculation than anything).

    It could be that I am thinking too much about things and clouding it all.

    The guy is 2/18/91... (Odd for me, because he's a little younger than I am, but we seem to click).

  • Thanks for the advice, its definitely something that can help. I believe a lot of what confuses me is that I don't really know what I want. Your suggestions could help me focus my mind enough to learn what it is I want. Thank you.

    Out of curiosity, do you have any insight to the situation with my coworker?

  • I like what you said. I too think she should take a chance. Life is to short not to. I have found that out the hard way. Was married for 32 years. Now on my own. Friend is 8/22/53 and I am 5/13/54 and we have reconnected over the past three years. Hoping for it to turn into more, have been told it will and it does seem to be heading in that direction. All in good time!

  • Thank you for your help, Markie. Your input on my coworker seems pretty accurate, and it helps me because I have a tendency to second guess myself (over-thinking again... plus I feel I'm sociall underdeveloped due to being seriously shy as a child, so I tend to doubt my instincts when it comes to social subtelty). Due to the situation at work, I may have to bide my time before I can take a chance, just because of work policies, but it seems like that should open up fairly soon.

    I'm still conflicted/uncertain about career/occupation stuff. I have an idea of the skills/talents I'd like to utilize, professionally, but confused beyond that. I'm considering having a reading done (either from a professional, or by a sensitive family member), or maybe learning how to do readings myself...

  • Markie808, would you be able to give me insight into my situation? I posted earlier on here....I would welcome your take on things. Blessings to you!

  • Thank you! Hope your day is great as well............Blessings and Love!

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