Personalized license plate and biz name

  • Just wanted to say that I love numerology and find it extremely accurate!

    I figured out a name for my Florida license plate that equals up to the number 4. Actually, I had 4 choices and only one was available. It made me laugh when I found out the one that was available.

    The choices already taken were: trn send (transcend), spirit and cloud 9

    The one that was available: numbrz ! All of these add up to 4, which is my destiny and maturity number, not too mention it's good for the type of business I am starting. My car also adds up to a 4: Honda CRV..... It really is quite amazing.

    I am still trying to decide on my business name. Think I've got it, but not sure I can say it on the phone easily and all of the time.

    Anyway, I love this site and all of the metaphysical stuff on here!

    It also amazes me when I go out in public and start a conversation about numerology, horoscopes, auras, etc. how many people think I am "out there" yet, they are very intrigued and by the end of the conversation, I may not seem as strange! :0)

  • Do make sure you are comfortable saying it on the phone along with the whole "Good Morning/Afternoon, Such and Such, may I help you."

    If not, it may get shortened for ease and end up with a whole different meaning.

    You also want it to flow off the toungue and be memborable for others so they will pass the word along.

    Also, think of whether you might want to introduce a different number attribute too much of a good thing can hinder you. (I'm a 4 and I absolutely love the number 4) So I do understand but I also know that too much of it becomes RIGID and can then inhibit growth and expansion. A good paring with the "discipline" of 4 is "cooperation" of 2 as clients/patrons want to know that THEIR needs are going to be met.


  • Nice! I did give the idea that too many 4's in my make up could be a bad thing. But, I am very drawn to it.

    Now the trouble I am having is deciding when to file for my license, as in essence it would be the day my business is "Born". Today would add up to a 1, which is good for starting new things..?

  • Also, thank you so much for such a quick and helpful reply! ;0)

  • I do realize that, but I'm not sure WHICH numbers the date should be compatible with? Whether it's my Life Path number, Destiny, etc. And I am assuming the number could complement my numbers, not BE the SAME number...

  • Thank you so much Markie!

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