Captain-In Desperate Need of Guidance

  • Hi Captain Ive been pretty amped up to start my new life in Miami. I've been so excited although Im anxious to jump into the modeling world as well as film. More so modeling because Ive never done it professionally before. I was thinking of starting a YouTube account and putting my name out that way with a video full of pictures of myself in it. But Im learning more and more about the model industry, how to break in and how to contact agencies and I must say it's quite overwhelming. My confidence is a little shaken but not to much. Something is telling me I can do this and this is really going to break me out in a big way but Im still afraid don't know what Im exactly afraid of.

    I haven't had any professional photography done. All the photos you've seen of me a done with my cell but I don't know if it will affect me in anyway. I have an idea of which 5-7 photos I want to send off but I don't know. I will post some of them up later when I have the time (please tell me what you think when I do please-I need honest feedback). For now can you tell me what's goin on with my emotions? What do you see as far as the modeling situation?

  • These are some of the photos I was thinking about showing off. I was hoping to use photos that display my talent and convey different personalities. Im looking around for professional photoshoots but for now I will focus on the photos I have.

  • Here is the other one.

  • 🙂 hope you like it!

  • 🙂

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