I desperately need a reading....

  • I put this here, even though it is NOT your typical love and relationship reading. I found my bio dad after 42 years. We are getting ready to do a DNA, within the next few weeks. His current wife, is amazing. She challenges me, infuriates me, yet has some how managed to make me adore her.

    I still have my fears and hurts. I realized that tonight. I have fought hell and won, for my behalf and that of my children. yet, this DNA scares me. I was never given details my whole life.

    Any thoughts/knowledge/insight would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you all in advance!


  • To add, whoever reads this, thank you so very much for utilizing your gift on my behalf.

    I cannot imagine how difficult it is to rightly divide the gift of seeing. To be a seer is unimaginable to me.

  • Hi Taurus 7

    You must prepare yourself emotionally for this new avenue you are about to walk. Since a DNA is going to be done this presents some reasonable doubt on his part. You need to know why that is there? At times finding your natural parent has a good ending with happiness and a forward movement. Other times it presents challanges that you just can not overcome when facts come to light that you have no proof of but just one side of the story.

    I feel for you that you will land somewhere inbetween the above and have to make your personal deceisions based on how what you find out make you feel emotionally.

    Best of Luck to you in this situation,


  • Shaubby this is just tough. My mother is deceased. So, I am flying this one solo.....I just put my ipod in and I am cranking it...that is the best I have right now...

  • Taurus7

    I understand your situation and would like to advise that you keep in touch here on this board if you do not have relatives or good friends to support you at this time. There are support groups that may be available to you. Let us know how your life is flowing. I will send out some prayer for you this instant , and would suggest that you call upon AAngel Michael when you feel the need of protection from negative thoughts and people. During my prayer for you I was reminded that you have a father as we all do , our heavenly father that watches over you. Please remember him and ask him to guide and protect you in matters of the heart.


  • Shaubby - thank was wonderful. Thank you. I needed to be reminded of that.

  • Shaubby, just thought I would let you know that the DNA test came back 99.9818% !! It was a relief and exactly what my Heavenly Father knew i needed!

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