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  • rapunzle 444 that would be great to get a reading..... i am pretty much at a standstill in my relationship and my work is not too rewarding either the last few years. change seems like its around the corner on both fronts but its been a few years with that feeling and not much has changed.


    Choice is present, even ability to engage in an edeavor for more fullfillment is choice. It is not higher forces causing a desolate situation. Do you have strong conviction? Do you show conviction? You must show some valor in any endeavor to attaion the results that carry strong passionate energy as human valor and conviction do. Three key self assessment words; passion, confidence and courage. How can you embody originality, invention and inspiration? It seems as if you feel a hint of the blues and dullness; its you who must exert purpose and passion to create it in your life but confidence and esteem must be there so you can move this energy out from within.

    Direct will and focus on a goal with much self assertion. The amount you put in will be what you reap. It seems asd if you desire passion but remember it must resonate within to bring it into an endeavor to have a passionate one in return.

  • Rapunzle,

    Thank you so much. You are completly correct that I need to determine WHAT I want to do and which direction. I have all directions completly open to me at present and for quite sometime now. That seems like a good thing but not if you haven't a clue what you want next. LOL It's not a position I am confortable with. I have always had direction and had the answers with one exception when I met my long time goal at age 29 and after a short happy dance sat back and wondered "What do I do now?" and no answer came, just complete silence.

    Thing is, I can not for the life of me remember how I got out of it and back on track.

    It may be that I just fumbled through till it hit me and that may be what is going on now.

    I can see I still have more moving before it is clear. Quite possibly I will not move until I move like I am in limbo and the answer is not here but out there somewhere.

    Thanks again for all your advice and time. I did a reading for you, but I am not getting what you wanted. Parts were quite clear but I am having difficulty getting myself centered at the moment. I will take a look at it again later but I also think you should re-post your request as it has gotten lost inside the thread.



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  • Thank you but I have not any dreams to interperet..

    Ibelieve; thank you

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