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  • hello; I am a noble reader and would like to offer a few that approach this post first with a reading. I am also inquiring about a concern. I am wandering if it is a changing factor to be constructing readings for myself from any other expert readers. I have begun to read for me as it costs much to assess a professional tarot reader.

  • rapunzle444 i would very much love a reading about my love life. if you can please do me the favor just let me know Wat you need. thank you

  • Propose your concern domi..:)

  • thank you 🙂 i want to knoe about my love life im single my birthdayiis 5/29/1993.

  • rapunzle444,

    I would like a reading on my writting career. Its something I have played with for years and then I got serious about it. Now I am a bit dead in the water. I still write daily. But i have trepidations about taking up the novel again. It may only be my fear of failure but I would like a read from an outside source. What do you see with regards to my wrtting career?

    Thank you.

    I have read for others but I am very good with reading for myself. So much so, that I must have an actualy question from others in order to do a reading for them. Otherwise, I end up with a reading on me.

    In reading for myself, I think of what I am wanting to know, I almost confide my concern and why I want to know and then frame the actual question. I then write it down just the way I asked it and shuffle and draw the cards. I return to the written question to see the phrasing with each card so I am clear what is being answered. And I make notes with each card on what it is telling me. (I do it on the computer as I set up a word program where I can actually insert the card and its meaning in each of the positions along with a position description.

    My only problem with reading for myself is when I occassionally let my fears get in the way. Other emotions do not seem to bother me in reading but fears make them go all wonky real fast. I usually have to take a few days of journaling to calm them down again before I get back into it.

    Also, I find it helpful to journal after a reading sort of discuss the ramifications I was given and then sometimes (on very important matters) look at the reading again with fresh eyes a couple of days later. So I always keep a record of the reading.

    Hope this helps.


  • Ibelieve, thank you. That was my concern.emotions and feelings getting in the way and effecting my self readings. I too journal my readings and assess them later on. certain concerns can be too touch especially matters of the heart. I will work on your reading.

  • Rapunzle,

    Good we are on the same page then.

    I find that the cards do give a clear defined answer.

    When I said I go back and re-read the question. What this does is help me separate myself from being the querant. I kind of look at the question and say, okay, you (separation) asked this, the card answers this.

    Now in matters of the heart, it can be conflicting as there are changes (sometimes daily) in how you see the problem. Thats when I stay away from yes/no questions or "should I" questions and look to serious phrasing. Here is a bit on phrasing I reflect on when it is a highly emotional insight I am seeking.

    Do ask WHAT and HOW questions. Ask:

    • WHAT am I doing right (or wrong)?

    • WHAT can I do differently?

    • WHAT choices do I have?

    • HOW can I find purpose?

    • HOW do I begin loving myself?

    A better question for the woman who wants to know if she will remarry would be: WHAT can I do to attract a mate and fall in love again? In asking your questions, keep the focus on yourself and actions that you can take. This will help you discover what you can do, or what you can do differently that will create the changes you desire. For the woman who wants desperately to become pregnant, she might ask: HOW can I best fulfill my desire to experience motherhood and nurture a child? For the employee who hates his job, he might ask: WHAT am I lacking in my life that is affecting my unhappiness at work?

    Maybe ask WHY questions

    Questioning WHY life circumstances have landed you in your current state of affairs is a reflective endeavor that has its benefits. It can be wise occasionally to be given new perspectives on WHY certain things have happened to you. However, keep in mind that the past is the past. Although there are lessons to be gleaned by reviewing your past behaviors and understanding the consequences that occurred because of poor choices or judgments, wallowing in the past is not.


  • rapunzle 444 that would be great to get a reading..... i am pretty much at a standstill in my relationship and my work is not too rewarding either the last few years. change seems like its around the corner on both fronts but its been a few years with that feeling and not much has changed.

  • Yes, questions get us to the answers......relationshios are a reflection of what we resonate inside

  • I'll second that.

    I'm off for bed, I'll check back in tomorrow.


  • ok, last reading is for earthwind fire.......I will get to work an dhave this done by tommoro eavning; all three:)

  • Sorry guys..need more time on these readings.

  • Ahhh, life getting in the way of fun again. S'okay, I understand. get to it when you have time.


  • Ibelieve;

    Have you considered a direction change? Is there something causing you to reconsider your career? Not just financially but concerning a union of sort, family? You are definatly giving me vibes of a cross road situation here...it looks as if an external influence is challenging your ability to follow this as your sole career. You are at a stagnant progression rate here. Reassess your strategy and then go from there. Also be honest and detailed about the time and amount of achievment you have had concerning long to short term goals. I feel that it will come to you (choice, direction), just going with the flow of things, especially in creative writting. Hold conviction and show it concerning your attemps to follow this persuit. Really consider the value it holds and the overall benefit it holds to you and others around you, you must believe strongly in yourself and ability for it to manifest abundantly.

    Also I know that you can achieve work in writting by becoming an Examiner. Its a writting position on many various topics. Google it and check it out. I am not sure what type of writting you do.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Domi,

    First, you are aware of your sign as a gemini and your number. All the knowledge is available. It is no talent to read an astro sign or numerical sign as any one can relay those facts from some authors hard work. I am going to advise you based off energy connection and some guidance from divination.

    Forcing and having to put youself last to accomodate one to seek in attaining a relationship will only reap effects based of that action. Self abandonment will create abandoning relationships. Oppression is a sign of needing to go within self as relationships reflect out internal self. Is it time to leave a stagnant situation and walk a new direction for self growth and develpoment to find more meaning, even if it be alone? In your current position it is best to go with non action and reflect internal areas of needed attention. Fair and balanced giving and recieving as well. Self approval is all you need.

  • Rapunzle,

    Yeah, your picking up on my marriage problems. I was not concerned about it when I asked and then afterwards hit another one of those misunderstandings that lead to being completely disheartened over it again. So by this morning I started thinking of moving out. Which of course throws the whole writing idea back into the realm of nothing more than creative outlet.

    I am an architect (unemployed at the moment) I was writing a fictional romance based loosely on what I know (me being an architect and a current project I was the manager on when it (the setup in the novel) started manifesting in real life and I backed off. (Got scared) I thought about changing it to a historical and did some research and took a course and started journaling Then came along an overwhelming spiritual renewal followed closely by a release of old emotional baggage and cleansing (None of this was self directed. I wasn’t interested in change but change was definitely interested in me.)

    So, here I am a year later wanting to decide whether I just go back to work or get serious and really pursue the writing career I always wanted to do.

    I know that I will probably have to pursue work in my regular career as well, but I would really like to give this a go and be in a solid position (have a real handle on the writing craft) before returning to work.

    So that’s what was up.

    I really appreciate your time and consideration you put into the reading. I will have to think on what the reading had to say. I had not heard of the Examiner but did Google it just now. It does not pay well but it is definitely a thought as I am currently writing blogs for nothing. It could be an interesting and broadening experience though.

    Thank you very much and if you have any more insights based on what I said, let me know. But only if you have the time.


  • Well you can turn blogs into books as well; its about 14.95 last I looked. There is an ap for it on blogging through gmail. The examiner is a way to net work but not full time pay.

    Ibelieve; I am really sensing you are one to give selflessly and have good intentions. I also saw you cared enough to address Ophisciosag when she was hit by a spammer. No one but you and I had addressed her concern. I have good feeling you will attain solid secure contentment and I also see you attaining your goals; You must be sure you know what you really want and accept the responsibilities along with. It seems you have self focus and know what you want; that will enable clear and attainable opportunities.

  • live journal.com is also a networking blogger for writters.

  • I have earthwindandfire to address.

    Can anyone assist me in a reading? My concern is a dwelling. I am an aid to an elderly man in home with a daughter. I am pursuing college and need to rent a dwelling or a room. I am on a capped minimal budget and things have not budged yet. I have about 2 1/2 months to be secure so I can go to college as I am enrolled. A reading about when or about a dwelling in Brockport would be nice.

    I wil open myself up to another three readings if I can be addressed. Divine giving and recieving.

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