Are Aquarians Born To Lose?

  • I read that aquarians live in the house of bad luck. God knows my luck has been bad all my life. So much so that I have just given up and seclude myself from the world. Everytime I try to come out in the world and let go something bad happens.

  • There is really no bad luck sign. Every sign had a negative and a positive side, its all in how you use the traits.

    From zodiac sign central on Aquarians

    "And yours is a great spirit, sometimes erratic and sometimes brilliant. You know much about yourself and the world, but knowing everything can be an obstacle to your own happiness. Your practice is twofold. First, you must learn how to separate your crazy notions from what is important. And second, you need to learn how to respond to the opposition you encounter without making it difficult for yourself."

    Anytime one spends their thoughts to all the negatives, they will see them and fall even further down. You must practice looking for ONLY the positives. But do not think of them as lacking in number or you turn them into negative thinking again and will not find them.

    As for bad luck, again negatives are drawn to negative thoughts. The more you harbor them and point them out the more you will attract.

    BUT the opposite is also true. Turn it around and it will take some time and definitly practice but you will soon enough find yourself attracting positives.

    This applies to the movies and tv you watch and the news you read and the peolpe you speak with as well. Any invite to negativity is an open invitation to it. Especially if you have been comfortable with it for a time.


  • thank you!

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