Shuabby, Are you here?

  • Hi, wonderful! Your advice was right and perfect about my boyfriend finding a much better job 3 weeks into April. Thank you - and it's government money and looks pretty stable and long term!

    But I didn't ask about myself - and now I wish I would have. He's happy with me not working - me not so much, so if you feel led and have time, I'd love to know if you have any idea of what's best or in store for me?

    Jlina 1/13/58....

    Thank you thank you thank you and Blessings be!

  • hello jilnaangel,

    You will not be content to stay at home as I feel you will become bored. You will seek P/T employment and it will not be far from your dwelling is what I'm receiving. A woman who's name sounds like Becka will be of help in this matter. This is not to far away from you and it feels like you find the job in a weekly neighborhood paper.


  • Hi I know I may be interupting but I just wanted to say hello to you Shuabby and jlinangel. Welcome back how are you?

  • Shuabby - wow, that's a dream! the local paper closed down and every time I try and push myself for work, all I can think is how I'd like to write for the little local paper - maybe I'm broadcasting loud and clear? Sounds exciting and I will so listen for this name, and in general just pay more attention to print job sources. Thank you so much and many blessings to you in return for your generousity. Much love....

    Asia, hiya! Darling. I'm good, I was just getting uncomfortable being told I needed to lay out my issues to be worked on - smile - when I wanted more to be of service or just in general involved with people who think like I do. So I probably won't be around that much but was watching for Shuabby's name to be sure and affirm her and thank her.

    And how are things going for you - with your dream and your goals? I hope all is better than wonderful!!! Hugs!

  • Shuabby - if you see this I interviewed with a man for commercial real estate but the property is in very poor condition. The online spread says no, stop putting yourself in dangerous/disagreeable situations. You agree? No Becca yet!

    Thank you so much - blessings,


  • Hello klinaangel,

    You have to listen to inner intutition and this situation will not be easy if you step into it . You have to believe that there is something better for you coming. I would agree with the online spread . You have time to explore your options, do so and you will come into a position in June that will feel very good to you on almost all levels.


  • Thank you so much! Hugging you with loving arms. That feels so good!

  • Yeah. Feels good!... 🙂

  • Shuabby, hello dear if you see this! I never found something part time but was/am indeed so bored. I started esthetician school - facials, since my hand surgery I can't do massage much....but the schools are awful! The closest and cheapest one is the one I"m going to but there is no teaching - it's just hang out, read the book, do the worksheets, and wax eyebrows. The room is dirty - but they were all kind of dirty. I"m just so frustrated. I have checked out 4 different schools and there are very few that do only facial traning. So! Any insights you have would be great....the woman's name is Roberta - does that sound like Becca at all? And I think she's very religious but from Aruba and might just dabble in hoodoo or some such? We get along well - it's just the actual going to the school and getting the boring boring hours in and no actual teacher is driving me nutso....

    I hope you are fine, I read some of your comments and just wanted to thank you for all you add to everyone's life by being here and hope some of the blessings you give out are coming back to you - in all ways, at all times!

    With love,


  • Hi, Shuabby - saw you'd posted so bumped this up. I could NOT do that school - I got a rash on my face from touching the wax that wouldn't leave for 3 weeks and it just got worse there; so I unenrolled. Now I'm trying one of my last options and the place is clean and bright - but they are taking their sweet time about enrolling me, telling me they have to have time to transfer hours, etc. And that they stay open til 7:30 but when I got there at 10 of 6, oops that night they leave at 6. Frustrating....

    So I dreamed I was massaging and went to get this man some water and when I got to the massage space none of the therapists had any work - so I had to go be a nurse! (Which is an option for me that I don't want but would be grant paid for) and I touched this man and he stopped screaming and thrashing and I held him until his daughter showed up....

    but the nursing is the LAST thing I want! So.....just keep perservering? Because the message HAS to be either look for another path or this is a test!

    Hope you can reply and are doing well!

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