Broken hearted after loss of only child...

  • Hey Everyone: I would like to thank all of you that have been praying with me to have contact with all the recipients.

    Progress: I have been blessed with two phone conversations with Chris' liver recipient, Kendall. We are planning to meet within the next couple of weeks. He is doing very well! He always expesses such gratitude! I'm excited to get to meet him.

    Still nothing from the other two. Still praying for this to happen also.

  • Thanks Ahliyah! It's still so very hard for me to grasp the gone forever concept except only with me now in heart and mind. He is always in my heart and forever love. I miss him so much!

    Got to go for now! Thanks a bunch!

  • TrueGem,

    I feel like my chest has been ripped in to peices, my husband passed away 4-1-2010 and our 9 yr old son is taking it really hard. I had a mini nervous break down my self today. I just am soo tired right now n don't even know where to begin with an end.


  • TrueGem63 wrote: "Maybe you will find a new furry friend to keep you company soon!

    Posted July 11, 2009, 05:53 PM"

    I just checked back here today and am very happy to report that my darling new kitties were born on July 10, 2009, just ONE day before that post was written!

    At the time the kitties were born, of course, I had no idea that they would end up being my darlings, as I hadn't even started searching yet.

    I think that it is possible that my original dear ones have returned to me. I am not sure of this, even after a year and three months (they came to me at four months old), but it is certainly possible IMHO. I love them so much and they have eased my pain unbelieveably, though I still think of my original kitties all of the time.

    Just wanted to let you know, True Gem, that you were right on target! Hope all is well with you and that you still have the darling doggie.

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