Broken hearted after loss of only child...

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  • i only read the 1st two pages of this and then this last one but OMG u guys about killed me hearing your stories, i had to stop before i broke down, here i am a big 6'5 21 year old guy about to cry over just reading something!! but im very sensitive so yea im a big baby but ill share my sisters christy story(ill try with out losing it but doubt it) im the youngest of 5 kids but christy was the oldest, in 2006 she passed away at 32 from her life long battle of diabetes (diagnosed at 5 months i think) she was(almost lost it there) a straight "A" student, member of the marching band,went to college for nursing, one of the most caring, loving people ill ever know(dammit there i go! ahh 1 min break)

    she was the oldest so she was always like a second mother to me, i could talk to her and tell her anything and everything, but the last couple years of her life were very rough, she had a low(blood sugar) she passed out and rolled her car like 5 times WITH her 9 year old daughter in the back seat also was never meant to have kids cause her only one almost killed her(both had seat belts on though) then she had intestinal problems and was made to wear a clustomy bag (wrong i know) then when she passed her daughter shelby went to school but she said she didnt want to go to school cause she had this "bad feeling" and shes called the ambulance before and saved her mom from dieing before so she knows about her mom/my sister but they said she had the washer and dryer going and the dishwasher, so she was busy and probably didnt eat anything and decided to sit in living room, and she had a low (god! again sorry) and she went quietly in her sleep, the worst thing was that her daughter shelby came home from school and found her. ok im done ive now ive completely lost it, good night

  • Dear Chevelleman71:

    Welcome to this forum thread. Please don't ever be ashamed or apologize for having feelings (being sensetive as you put it). I raised my son in a way that he learned to tune into his feelings and to allow himself to feel things in a much different way than most men i know. I never allowed anyone to EVER say or tell him that "boys don't cry". And believe me when I say that he had a heart of GOLD! And three years, I know, must seem like an eternity. I know these past 10 months sure have.

    I'm so sorry for your loss (your sister). It sounds like she was a tough yet loving person. My heart goes out to you and Shelby! OMG! I don't know what that would be like to come home and find a loved one. May I ask, how she is doing?

    I hopw you will take the time to read all the comments that have been shared in this thread. There's alot of sad stories that may make you cry. But, there is also alot of good suggestions and guidance presented that has truly helped me. Maybe you can too find some peace and comfort here. And I do hope you will stay with us in this thread.


  • Truegem63,

    I sent you an email with mine and some suggestions to try to help you get your sons pic up her contact me anytime if you have yahoo messenger send me an invite

    bless you deb

  • DevineEvanescence,

    I'm sorry I did'nt respond earlier to you,sometimes I have a hard time focusing,you have a very kind ,loving generous,nurturing soul. I would have been proud for my son to have known you.

    Bless you , your heart, your sou,l your life. I believe you are far stronger than you could ever imagine!


  • trueGem63

  • TrueGem63

  • ok I have never had a prob with pics gonna try one more thing for you

  • truegem63

  • ok

  • ?

  • finally!!! TrueGem63,I got this one up for you now gonna try the one of you both together.

    Everyone this is her son CHRIS

  • again please

  • ?

  • and this is TrueGem63--Sherry with her son

  • Thank so very much WeepingWillow! LOL- I never take good photos! But, this was the last pic Chris and I took together before he died. I was usually behind the camera. And...I have lost some weight since then...imagine that! Oh well- now there's a face with the name for both of us.

  • Hey Everyone! This is the last pic of Chris for the Junior Class Annual. For the past few years he refused to smile for school photos. And you cant really see his beautiful brown eyes either but I'm grateful to Weepingwillow for getting these pics on here. I had a heck of a time and gave up; apparently she had some problems too. Anyway, here they are.

  • TrueGem63,

    ok hon here I go lets see if the last pic you sent me will cooperate,and no need to thank me I was mor than happy to help!

  • Oh WeepingWillow I am so glad you got this one up too! It is one of my favorites because the look on his face is the look he almost always had on his face.

    Everyone! This is my baby, Chris. God, I sure miss him!!!!!!

  • Namaste Sherry, he is radiant, as are you. He is with you always, that part of you can never be diminished, the part of you that is only love. And your love for him, for all of life, comes back to you now, a thousand-fold.



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