Broken hearted after loss of only child...

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  • Thank you Ahliyah so very much for your awsome reply! It sounds as though you have a great gift to be shared. I will use these research tools you provided to learn more about this. And I will definately enter into your prayer chain. You said, "I help them recognize their divinity and inspire them to live the ' unlived life' as an expression of their Good. By teaching others about the principles of Life, I help them learn to live within and work with Universal Law. As a healer, I help others come to know themselves as they truly are, rather than what they think and feel they are". How would one begin this with you?

    I would like to say that this past month has been a great turning point in my life of grief over my son. I know that it is of a 'higher power' through the prayers of all those on this thread and my willingness to receive . I must say that although I still have moments where the darkness comes over the loss of my son, Chris, but it's not the same now. I am feeling more secure and at peace even in those moments of darkness. What a blessing! I still feel the pain of my loss, beleive me and loneliness but there's peace in there too...hard to explain it!

    I hope you come back!

  • Hi TrueGem,

    Praise to you for continuing to strive toward the Good.

    A healer works by 'holding space' available for a shift, a resolution, a transformation to occur. Simply by being in my vibration, one receives "healing" on any level of oneself that is open to receive it. To apply a label, I simply call it being a catalyst, or catalytic healer.

    My ability is not book learned, indeed, it can not be, nor learned through a methodology like Reiki, a very fine and honest practice. Instead, it comes into being throughout untold numbers of lifetimes, and is an accumulated result of direct experience. Usually, the very issues I have transcended at the deepest levels are the ones that people are drawn to me to heal within themselves.

    We humans are bright, beautiful, beloved creatures, and through our experiences we come to know who we really are. Not information about ourselves, which is something that therapy can give us in addition to a safe space for expression, but our real essence. The joy & peace & love that we are, from the inside out.

    The "I Am of me".

    : )

    Have I managed to completely confuse you? lol

    You asked how one begins this with you (meaning me). It begins with, hello. If we cannot be in the same space, a conversation is a good place to start.

    Continue being as fluid as you can, TrueGem. You are doing very well, and I hope you are acknowledging yourself for your strength, courage, and loving heart.



    ps: our sons share the same name

  • Dear Ahliyah

    I have tried to post a reply to you and my computer malfunctions and shuts off. Anyway, I think I understand what your beautiful gift is about and I send blessings for what you do.

    It was nice that our son's share the same name (made me smile). Do you know anything about meditations using the merkaba and mandala? I have both and have never tried to use this yet. A little apprehensive, I guess, my fear is that I will let negative in by not doing this right...and God knows I don't want or need that!!

    I still have not been to the prayer chain but plan to today. These computer gliches are very frustrating.

    Thank you for all you are doing and may blessings pour out upon you!

    Love and Care,


  • TrueGem,

    No need to thank me, I know it's not much but it's the least that I could of done for such a wonderful friend! I am soooo glad to here about chris's liver recipient, one door closed and another opened! Let me know how thing's go! My husband is doing good the hospice doctor put him on a steroid and he has gained weight and is up and moving around! It's a miracle! Hopeing that god keep's embraceing him to the end

    Living , Laughing, Loving life



  • Sherry,

    I currently know little about merkaba, but if you have a cd to work with don't worry about letting in energies you don't want as you'll be working with G-d's love throughout.



  • Dearest Ahliyah,

    No I don't have a cd and the instructions are very vague! I did some research and it sort of scared me because these directions said everything MUST be done exactly as instructed. So I haven't tried it yet. Anyway, thank you for trying to help.

    I did do your exercise on the golden light ray riding the white surf board. Very relaxing. I even saw my son surfing along beside me and reaching out to hold my hand. Hope that doesnt sound too crazy! It was a nice image. We were both smiling and laughing and riding the golden waves of light. Thanks!

  • Sherry,

    What a beautiful visualization, to see your son and yourself as whole, peaceful, and connected.

    Remember, too, that part of this exercise is to get in touch with what you desire right now, so if there is something more you'd like to see manifest in your life, see it as flying through the air and gently attaching itself to you.

    : )

    Revisit your images throughout the week, especially any time you'd like to feel positive, loved, and balanced.

    I'm so glad you chose to participate; know that you have added a great deal of light to your healing and personal well-being. The more light we take in, in the highest ways possible, the faster we heal; the more love we are able to carry and share, and the greater the good we do in our lives, and in the world.

    Re: the merkaba, there are numerous cd's available that are designed to guide you through the breaths properly. Perhaps one of those would help you get started. I have read some of the texts myself and agree that they can be a little befuddling.



  • Dearest DevineEvanescence:

    Oh this is such wonderful news about your husband. I know this has to be a beautiful thing for you to get to see him thriving more again. And yes honey, God will continue to embrace him to the end...the word says "I will never leave you nor forsake you". He is in the best of hands!!

    I still haven't heard back from the liver recipient since I sent him a letter but I'm sure I will soon! Everything has to go through Life Share and the recipient cooridinators before it gets to him.

    I did get word that we lost the woman that received Chris' right kidney this past month also. I still have not heard from the family. But I'm going to send a sympathy card to them today. We are waiting to hear about the heart recipient. Also, received word on the woman that received Chris' left kidney and pancreas and she is doing very well. So as you said when one door closes one door opens. I had really hoped all would do well and live a long prosperous life though. Now my heart aches for these families that had such hopes too!

    My friend, I can't thank you enough for your loving gift! I even made myself go and look at some headstones this past week. So expensive! But in time, I know!

    It blesses my heart to hear the excitment through your words!!!! More than you know! Stay in touch here and/or in yahoo.

    Love ya and continue to hold ya'll up in prayer.

  • Dear Ahliyah,

    Thanks so much for all your wisdom and guidance. I wish I could afford your full services. You encourage me so much to seek my inner healing and happiness again. I used to work with others sharing what I had through love and compassion but seemed to have lost that after Chris died. I am working hard at getting this back because that is who I really am and believe that is what God has chosen me to do.

    I will check out some of the cd's. I am glad to know that it wasn't just me in regards to not fully understanding the written info on the merkaba excercises. SHEWW!

    Keep shinning your light my friend I see a beautiful soul!

  • Sherry, you inspire me. That's all I can say.

    Thank you for being you. I'm so grateful to be on this planet with such wonderful, inspiring people. I hope you do go forward (never back) into working with people again. The world would be a far less enlightened place if you didn't.

    You are truly the Light of Lights.



  • Dearest Ahliyah,

    I'm glad I inspire someone, although I'm not really sure how I am ispiring you? Your kindness and direction has has been an inspiration to me to truly seek that inner person I used to be and the better one that is coming to be.

    As for working with people again. Well, since I have this urge to make a career change. I have been doing some "interest and Skills tests" to see what direction I should mover forward in. Well, everyone of them come up with Social Work! I mean come one! I'm trying to get away from dealing with everyone elses problems at this time and dealing with my own. Not sure how to absorbe these findings. Of course i have been praying and asking for this what?

    I'm one of those that have made so many bad decisions throughout my life that I have come to be one that doesn't rust my own decisions alot of the time. I'm one that really needs GOD to just reach down and slap me up beside the head when it's his will for me...ya know?

    Thank you my friend for the work you do to make people and the world a much better place!

    Would you pay special attention to our friend EverEssence and her situation right now, please. There are some things she also needs direction on and I know your light will find her. Thanks!

  • Dear Sherry,

    The depth of your love, wisdom, and compassion inspires me. Your willingness to experience all that Life hands you, shed Sacred Tears and dry them, and then stand again in the light of your purpose, is truly inspiring.

    Your selfless giving to others inspires me.

    I hope you know how brilliant your Light is; shine on, Sherry!

    The 'bad' decisions you have made throughout your life have always been turned to the Good, Sherry. There is no right and wrong, good or bad, only perspective. And it is through that shift in our perspective that we come to know what is most aligned with who we are. When we increase that alignment, we open magnificent doors that can never be closed to us again.

    Ask yourself, What may I give that is aligned with who I TRULY am, now?

    I know you'll receive the answer -- usually in the form of an idea -- that is perfectly tailored just for you.

    : )

    I'm more than happy to contact Evanessence to extend a hand. I'm on it!

    Many blessings,

    in love and light love and light love and light,


  • Dear Sherry,

    You greatly inspire me, and you are God's gift to this earth to help other's in their need. Forgive the past look forward to the future, that is how we learn and move on to better and brighter things. Sometimes when a person like myself is confused about what they need to ask help for or what their life's purpose can be a bit saddening! So, I just would like to thank you deep down from the depth of my inner being. You are the shineing star lighting the way!

    Love,Laugh,Live alway's life's too short not too!

  • Dear Ahliyah,

    Thank you as well, I truly appreciate you compassion and your life's purpose is truly astounding. You asked me what you may help me with, Help me find my true life's purpose!

    In Love and light


  • DevineEvanescence,

    Well girl, I did it again! I never spell your name right unless I am looking right at it or copy & paste it. I'm so sorry...I do not mean any disrespect!

    Thank you for your comment! Let me say that you truly inspire me as well. With all that I know you are going through and you are doing so go girl! Thanks for all the encouragment!

    I'll catch ya on email.

  • Ahliyah,

    You sure are a great encourager with your words and light! I will continue asking the question as I am seeking my new direction. Thanks for this my friend.

    I'm so thankful you are lifting our friend up in this desperate time of need. Thanks so much! It makes my problems seem so small.

  • I am sorry to hear of your loss, the other members who have replied have offered words of wisdom. It helps when you have a good support network of people you can talk to, you need time and space to express your feelings, the disbelief, shock and anger to get to the other side.

    14 years ago I suffered a series of great losses in my life, I didnt want to live, it's taken me all this time to come to accept those losses and begin to move on. I didnt have support, partly because I was so traumatised I couldnt feel my own grief.

    There is truth in "a problem shared is a problem halved". seek what ever support you can, dont delay and look for the positive meanings.

    One of my losses was my mother, she passed away suddenly. I felt so angry at the world but then I remembered my mother saying she never wanted to be a burden to anyone, (not that she would or could have been). She was one of life's giver's but never knew how to balance this with taking something back. In recent years i have come to believe that God heard her request thats why she was taken so suddenly, he granted her request. it was only when I began to accept this that i could begin to move on.

    My family were not close, they never spoke of love, however a few months prior to my mother's death she was not well, I took that opportunity to tell her I loved her and I know that which ever star she sits upon now, she truely cares for and watches over me. This I think was my intuition kicking in and I thank god that I had this opportunity to tell her how much she meant to me.

    Your son gave some very special gifts to you and others, perhaps this was his purpose in life. His life has enabled you to feel great love and with the love comes the greatest sorrow, but remember he would want you to be happy again when your ready.

    Please remember you are never alone.

  • Dearest Tyche:

    I'm so glad you joined this forum. I am sorry for your loss. I must say, I pray it doesnt take me fourteen years to accept this! I dont know what led me to begin this forum thread but it sure has helped me alot. Maybe it has helped you as well in some way by reading all the posts. I'm sure you've noticed there are some very special and spiritual people on here with us.

    I hated to hear that your family was not close. I can say that my son knew I loved him dearly. Oh yes, he would doubt sometimes in the midst of dicipline or me having to be stern with something. But, we were very close! I know exactly how you have felt about not wanting to live after such a tragic experience of great loss. I too was there! It creeps into my mind now and then, but, I work very hard on not entertaining that thought for long because I do know that he would want me to be happy. I'm just not quite there yet...working hard on it though.

    Thank you for your reply and I hope you will stay with us. I will add you to my prayer list and I know the others will too. Thanks for your support and know that you are within a great circle now.


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