Angel hugs for all Taurus earth souls

  • angel hugs with flower petals in your favourite fragrance.

    May the angel wings be of your favourite fragrant flower.

    Since I will be away from my computer starting Wednesday, April 27th to Friday, May 6th.

    I have scanned the different posts and have acquired a LARGE list of "TAURUS" souls, some who have been here for a long time while some of you are very new.

    Some who are special to me are The Captain, Blmoon, Paddifluff, Happy Doc, Taurus 7, Living on a Prayer. I also think Poetic 555 is a taurus. There are so many.

    I will be spending my 64th Birthday in Cranbrook. My friend allowed me to send this time in her home while she works. We will be doing a few things during this time. We have been doing this now for three years as I had nobody about to celebrate with then. Now it is almost expected.

    Next year, not sure where I will be for the 65th. My son, in Calgary, may plan something or Tammy, in Cranbrook may. Regardless, I plan on enjoying myself for my 65th next year.

    So a very Happy Birthday to all Taurus'. May your special day be filled with much joy, happiness, prosperity, good health.

    Julianna, May 2, 1947

    loving sliver wings

  • Thank you so much. Taurus girl here May 6th and proud lol! Thanks alot really appreciate this god bless 🙂

  • Happy, Happy Birthday to all of you,

    each and everyone of you have touch my heart....Thank you

    Namaste to all



  • angel hugs

    MyJourney, you are at one end of the province Vancouver, while I am at the other, southeastern, Nelson, BC.



  • I'm ready to party bulls. Let's have a blast. We deserve it. Happy Birthday everyone.

  • angel hugs for all

    will join the party when I return


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