Need some advice on this?

  • Good morning: I am wondering about someone that I ran into last week..that I haven't seen since was great to see him but when I approached him to say hello..he was blushing so I just keep going..I think we are both too aware of each other now? Anyways we keep running into each other but didn't even say hi..what is the deal with that? I was soo looking forward to seeing him again..but disappointed that we didn't even speak to one what is there to do now..just move on..or??? He is a really nice guy..that I would like to know..better but if it is not possible then I need to just walk away and concentrate on my future...

  • Face your fears and say hello next time you see him - or call him to say hello and ask him out. Then you will have your answers.

  • I did try to approach him several times but no success...I hate it when you talk to guys and then the next time you see them..they act all somehow..and that was what he he didn't know what to do..well I didn't either but I was all prepared to talk to him but like i said he didn't seem like he was approacable don't know how to explain it exactly..and no I don't think I will be seeing him anytime real soon..sooo oh well..

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