Interpret my dream?

  • Hiya, I had an interesting dream last night, so was just wondering if anybody could share any interpretations on it, then that would be great!

    I'll give you a quick background about my life so you can understand the context of the dream. Basically recent events that have happened to me is that, I met this guy and he had a girlfriend, and we started spending time together simply as friends and we connected, and his relationship was going through a bad patch. They broke up and we ended up having a brief relationship, until he eventually decided he wanted to go back to her. For the purpose of the dream I shall call his girlfriend Anna and he shall be called Ben.

    So my dream began in this large house, all the walls are white and it is a very clean house. And all the doors are open so you can see into every room. And then there is an annoucement that Anna has arrived, I look at her through the door way and she looks at me with a fairly blank expression, and she has long blonde hair, while normally it is short and ginger.

    Then the next part of the dream is that we are upstairs in a bedroom, Anna and Ben are sat on a bed, and I am on the floor. There are various friends sat around the room aswell but all they merely do is talk amongst themselves.

    I am sat on the floor applying make up, however as this is not my house I do not have my usual make up so I do not feel happy with how I look. I have to search for the mascara, this is my favourite piece of make up so feel this is significant. I struggle to find any mascara, and I eventually find some, two, yet neither is good enough, but I use them anyway. As I am applying the mascara to my eyes, Anna looks at me and then lies on top of Ben and starts kissing him passionatley. I feel anger and hurt aswell as humiliated and want to leave the room. Yet I decide not to make a scene and contiune to apply my makeup, using the mirror as a shield so I don't have to see them kissing.

    Eventually I go into the next room, to take out my frustration. I am standing in front of a dressing table and I take an old fashioned hand mirror, with the handle and I throw it across the room, it slides towards the open door and it doesn't smash or break. It lands mirror side up. However, Anna is standing in the door way and she sees I am angry and hurt and she smiles looking very smug and pleased with herself. I walk off, embarrased that she saw me like that.

    Well that is my dream, any interpretation or ideas you could share about it would be amazing!! Thanks alot 🙂

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