• Hello everyone,

    Pls i need your help in personal reading in my marriage, career, travel, pregnancy, health, is it safe to do any Surgery this year?

    Female born march 22 1980 time 11:30pm.

    Thanks alot.

  • Hello light31.,

    You have ask for a life reading and I do not have time to answer all the questions so I will answer one about your health. The other readers who read your request may do a more indepth reading for you.

    You heath will go through some changes and if you are trying to become pregnant through surgery form than that deceision will have to be made by your doctors as I see more than one both feel male and they are good in their field of endevor.

    Have a good day,


  • Light31,

    based on your birthday here is what your personal year (from birthday to birthday) looks like according to numerology.

    Personal Year 2 has the following meanings: Nurturing, Development, Waiting For The Right Moment:

    This is a time during which the seeds of change you have planted during a year 1 cycle (Last Year) start to grow. Ideas or attempts to change can be compared to seeds that are nurtured in darkness and just pushing their tendrils up through the soil. A year 2 is all about patience. It is a year that you should spend finding new allies and kindred spirits and making any necessary personal changes that might be acting as obstacles to your success. Many people find the year 2 to be challenging as it is often filled with obstacles and delays but by the end any trials you experience will only refine your best qualities.


  • can i get a personal reading to!!...about my career and my love life...

    i am a female born on 6th of march 1994 time: 11pm

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