• I asked the tarot cards if I am pregnant, I choised 3 cards, for past present and future to answer my question. I got ;

    past: The lovers,

    current: Ace in cups

    Future: Queen of wands

    When I a moment later asked the same question I choosed to pick just two cards for a combination, I got Death and the magician.

    Whats your opinion? Is it heading for a no or a yes?

  • Hi

    I will say what most readers, astrologers, numerologist, psychics, empaths, clairvoyants u name it will say, me included.

    BEST knowledge is:

    Get urself to the doctor / obgyn and get the blood work n tests done. ONLY 5000000000000 plus % garantie.

    Why we say this u may ask? Well bc readings any kind, is based on a feel a sense a connection that cant on such things as pregnancy, cancer, leuchemia, tumors, pneumonia, hodgekins n what else b 100% proven results.

    DONT PLEASE DONT use a card lay as equal to the deadon undenied result of bloodwork regard pregnancy. Tarot spreads are but SINGLE moment when u draw n lay them. If u relaid them right now, i wager the same cards will not show again. one may but all? no i doubt that based on my OWN experience.

    So sweetie PLEASE save urself the trouble and get checked by a doctor who has the learning, teachings, experience n full proof of pregnancy or not.

    One more thing, what if we said u was n doc says ya aint? what if we said u aint but doc said u was? in both cases whom will i rake over a blazing fire of disappointment anger n more???

    us thats who u will rake over a blazing fire. Im telling u this for u own best good. Go to the docs.


  • since im just in the start of it i go to cards first, ofc i would take pregnancy test later if I been one month late. But pregnancy test cant tell in a early start, thats why i asked cards at first just to get prepeard. I dont se any wrong to do so. I dont understand why you get so fuzzy at all, yes its common sense to go to the doctor. But like I said Im just in the beginning so a test would show a reslut yet. The card is just like a weather progonose, so i can prepare myself better, ofc I will myself at doc later. I never depend on ONLY cards and I dont think many ppl do. Common sense. But i asked for the cards at this stage now.

  • Are you trying to get pregnant and that is why you don't want to wait or afraid that you are pregnant?

  • The thing is that I just dont know, and I am that kind of person who wants to know, but i suspect, o nothing with trying to or being afriad of, just questioning about getting some guidelines. If I am and a test woudlnt show result yet i can at least prepare myself for that mentally. Question the tarot cards wont do any harm at all in this case. Its known that ppl can see pregnancy by reading tarot, so thats why i asked.

  • Oh, okay.

    See the reason I asked is that if you were trying, asking everytime you are late is a sign of being worried about it and can cause it to not happen and if your afraid and your late, then it can cause your body to continue being late till your really scared. It's a sate of mind affecting the body thing.

    The tarot is not that good at the yes or no questions as say a pendulum, but in this instance, I would say the reading would only make sense to you as it is your higher mind giving you the answer to what it knows. I'm sure it does know. So what do you see in the responce it gave you?

  • I still say get the bloodwork done,. Period!

    cwb ;-D

  • I tend to agree with CWB. There is a greater issue here with regards to why you can't just wait for a pregnancy test and I think the cards are trying to tell you that (rather than answer your question directly).

    I think you are the Queen of Wands in your spread, a person of boundless energy. At the moment, there is nowhere for that energy to go so you have become restless. Impatient.

    The Ace of Cups shows that yearning you have to get pregnant. Everything is in place, you are ready for it, but now is not the time. You need to find a creative way to express your energy, to fill that void in your life, otherwise your impatience will just fester and only hold up everything else in your life (including getting pregnant).

    On a positive note, the signs are good that you will be pregnant. The Death card is about endings. This could be an end to your frustrations as well as an end to your wait. Especially as it was followed by the Magician, the card of infinite creation, of making your dreams a reality. (Also the Queen of Wands represents someone that loves children).

    On an interesting side-note, the Magician card is linked to Mercury, who was said to be a "medicine man". So heed CWB's advice, it will serve you well.

    To sum it up then; yes the signs look positive for getting pregnant, but you need to be patient. In the meantime do something creative with your energy so you don't dwell on things. And if things don't work out for you, see your doctor.

    Love & light to you.

  • This was the kind of answer i hoped to get, thanks. But liked I said before, im not eager for getting pregnant, im not yearning for children, and im not trying. Im just eager for guidelines. I go to doc in a regular base. and i will see one this friday about this. I tend to be curious. Since i dont know if im just being late, or other factors is depending. Since i know tarot cards have signs about pregnancy and so on I wanted to try but again yes ofc i will meet up with doc and have me tested. Thank you for a reflecting answer.

  • A word of caution.

    Asking the cards frivolous questions on occassion is fine. On a constant basis, it can come back to bite you when you really need them.

    I am not trying to be mean, I am quite serious. It's like the boy who cried wolf.


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