Braking plates

  • This might sound funny but I thought was a sign for me to read. i still see it as funny, but I made me wander. I bought some plates in a yard sale, which I felt in love with them at the first sight, and not another thought, but just bought them. they have a beautiful design, some red brown chicken on an orange-yellow background. old and Italian. gives you the pure feeling of ceramic. my son loved them too, but I argued over them with my hubby, because of his always judgment on me wasting the money, on unreasonable things. However, at diner time he used them, and thanked me, as an apology for his earlier attitude, and said that he loved them too.

    however, there is the forth day today, that we are breaking one plate per day. i broke three and he broke the fourth today. this doesn't happen often at all. this is the first time, and we are not even plate collectors, to say that I use to do this often. that is why it sounds so meaningful to me, but I am not grasping it what is the message. Any suggestion anybody??

    i guessed maybe is the way my hubby received them, but i know deep down he don't mean it, and he corrected himself soon after.

    thanks for reading,


  • You think to deep on this one! No meaning at all other than---these plates always had that problem----someone else loved them as well--hung on foreever but they break too easily---so that person held on to them--trying to be carefull---was frustrated as well--why do they break so fast? Finely, just let them go. It's the yardsale thrift shop rule---half the stuff is pure gift of something good and half has a reason for being cast off---a hidden problem. Normaly, in a situation like yours I would suspect a past over owner not happy but looking deeper I really pick up it's just the plates---beautiful but not really meant for good use. BLESSINGS!

  • Oh I didn't know i got a reply. Thank you Blmoon!

    It sound so right !

    Now I am waiting for others to brake, but nope. I am left with 3 small and 3 big. and we are 3 🙂

    But I really don't mind anymore if they keep braking. if it is meant so let it be so.

    Have a beautiful day !! B

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