Hi i need help please

  • Can anyone help me,I think I'm falling in love with my workmate.any advice please.god bless

  • Answer celtic cross

    1 spiritually, four of wands, which shows the inner and spiritual yearning, you drive yourself to succeed, you know what you can, who you are and what can be, totally convinced that create the best, feel good in the present. You have with you an interesting security and knowledge, feel comfortable with your role and with the contacts that are around you. you know where your power is simply

    2, This crosses, six of pentacles/coins, the crossing situation suggests that you must grab your development now, dare to seek challenges and dare to develop yourself, you get extra money. you can look up to more things than before and be curious about most things no matter topic. You are in a phase the most important is your own development, no matter what it is that attracts you at the moment

    3, Behind, princess of pentacles/coins you have created a good foundation, you know where you are yourself, how you feel and is heavily involved in what is important. you have built up an economic balance that allows you to spend more in the future,

    4, current, present card Temperance, moderation, you are free to go your own way and listen to your spiritual side, your spiritual self. Maybe you get an unexpected contact with your higher self and finally begin to live as you want and not what it expected. you can get support in everything you do if you just show your honest self, your inner standing in his truth. Maybe you finally find yourself in the right place at the right time! Now you can realize your dreams come true ... and the fact is that love is perhaps the most important thing right now and all the pieces fall into place, you will find your soul mate who can complement you with the next step in your life.

    5, Soon, The emperor you will get feedback on something that matters to you, to push through an agreement or decision which you already have because i you are facing some major decisions, you must now decide what to choose, what responsibility are you prepared to take and how should you proceed. you choose what responsibility you are willing to take, you will find that life will give you more security and the things that floated in the air, finally landing. Within the world of work, you have to take a giant step forward.

    6,later, The hermit you will later have to stop, look back and reflect, you need time for yourself and time to think, you become more mature and enrich your mind with more knowledge you have in your conduct of your meetings now but that is activated soon. you may begin studying, take a course, find a truth about yourself and your own greatness, but also your little I

    7, Yourself, the I. Knights of wands. As a person you are often restless, intense, vigorous, impulisv, impatient, you always want to have something to do. you are a driver, one who does not wait for the others and listen to your impulses. You are lively from many aspects and likes to be in the center. You are intense in your feelings and may find it difficult to stop. But you're independent and aware of your power

    8, The home, princess of wands - there are changes going on and something happens all the time. things that you plan and carry can be more. you can get positive responses. a little child may affect your home situation too, make you get some perspective

    9, posibilites, Strenght, This card says to you that you have the chance to look deeper into your life. dear to live the way you want to live, dear to establish requirements and help yourself. You will get more support then you ecpect

    10, Faith with four of pentagram/coins, is your destiny to fine structure, values ​​and security of yourself but also learn to let go of what you do not need. You will find the serenity you need and the work on values ​​and what really is security for you. Your economy reaches a balance where you can breathe out and be confident in what you have. But continue to work with your financial values

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  • thank you so much your reading has really helped me maybe I can help you sometime thanks heaps again

  • Im glad it helped you a bit, you´re welcome 🙂 Bless and luck with you

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