Reincarnation Report - a little confusing....

  • Hi - I've been reviewing my recent Reincarnation Report (AT Mann) - and I ran into some confusion with "Conjunctions"....the report says you 'may' have incarnations that happened simutaneously....(first - this blows my mind, but - okay) I study my own report I get to the AQUARIUS PERIOD (1840-1910 AD) and I have what appears to be 4 past lives - and the key dates are: May 1856, May 1864, June 1881 and May 1896. Wow - does this mean that this would be the same life with 4 key dates - or what..........Anyone else have this experience or have any insight on this? Thanks

  • The idea is that each planet in their chart represents a single incarnation, and each incarnation has a key date (which is based on its degree placement in the chart). So each of those four key dates would represent different important times or events in the four different incarnations. They might be births, or deaths, or marriages, or any other important life event, but in any case, each date would apply to a different incarnation. I hope that helps!

  • Thanks - that did help a bit. So, if I understand correctly, in my Aquarius period I had 4 planets, with 4 key dates: Saturn 5* - May 1856, Mercury 8* - May 1864, Mars 18* - Jun 1881 and Jupiter 22* - May 1896. I'm a bit fuzzy on how (or why) a person would have this many lives so close together (I should really be tired.....hahaha)

    Thanks again

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