Hi Markie808, Can I ask for help too?

  • Hello Markie808,

    I can see that you inundated with requests and I can see why, you are extremely good at what you do, but can I be as bold to ask for some help and insight too?....

    You did a check for me on another thread (A question about Numerology) on calculating the numbers for me and my home, I would love for some more insight on a similar thing, you see I so need to find a way of moving from this house to somewhere more suitable and peaceful for me, any help on knowing this will take place for me in near future will be wonderful for me....this is my biggest problem in my life, the need to move! so much so that all the time I ask for help on here concerns this...."sorry folks" you must be sick and tired of hearing it šŸ˜ž

    D.O.B 2nd December 1951

    life path 3

    Please don't worry if you don't have the time, I do understand šŸ™‚

    much love and healing to you!

    (p.s I love how you end your posts with "Create a good day"....we really all should doing this shouldn't we šŸ™‚

  • angel hugs with flower petals in your favourite fragrance

    HealingWays, as I was reading your post, I heard, "Why do you feel the need to move?"


    loving silver wings

  • Hi Dearest Juliana, I have never liked living in this house, only moved here out of nessessity, I never have felt any peace and contentment here, It has been confirmed to me from many people over the last few years that this house is like a "half way house" to lost spirits, I just don't have anymore inclination to try and "make this my home"....it truly makes you feel zapped and all energy sucked out of you, I have to muster up so much srength to do just everyday things, I've recently done a big clear out of stuff with the help of my daughter and I do feel a little lighter...but, I still just know I have to be in a home I love, a home that suits my needs too, I just need to be living in a one floor home šŸ™‚ so, the big clear out was for maybe new energy to come in to be able to get this new home....I just don't know how it will happen though?...:)

    thank you for sending me the Angel hugs, it feels so nice and comforting, bless you!


  • HealingWays,

    Just to add my thoughts on it. Have you tried to do a vision board for it. Find pictres of the type of home you want, not just the outside but also of the interior spaces, sort of dream it up and put all your desire into it. Then place the vision board where you can see it before you go to bed and when you wake up. Don't look at it and think about when it will ever copme BUT good positive energy as though it WILL be yours.

    What do you think?


  • Also from numerology since I have been dealing with personal years here lately here are yours (From birthday to birthday)

    This year:

    Personal Year 7 is for Reflection, Learning, and Self Analysis:

    Even if you have a reputation of an extrovert, a year 7 is likely to put you in the mood to be alone. You may feel like pursuing your interests, travelling or finding a way to escape from business pressures. A year 7 is like a coccooning stage for the psyche, in which you analyze, reflect and try to shed any behaviors, relationships or patterns that may be preventing your personal growth. This year also favors any kind of self-improvement including surgical operations, seeking counseling or therapy or seeking higher education.

    So you are halfway home and continue your shedding and clearing. Now for next year:

    Personal Year 8 is time for Health, Wealth and Abundance:

    This is a potent year that usually gives all aspects of your life a big positive boost but it especially favors your career and money matters. This is a good year to buy a new home, find a new job or put a business plan into action. While you are in a year 8 others find you more attractive and charismatic and many people find themselves thrust into a position of great authority or power during 8ā€²s influence. If you focus on making money, you more than likely will during this prosperous cycle.

    Hey what do you know, its a good year to buy a new home!!!

    Start that vision board!!!

  • angel hugs

    HealingWays, The question I asked came from "spirit'.

    I just seemed compelled to convey it to you.

    I have been in units which I have known were just to be stepping stones in my life. Some places I have been in for just weeks, while some have been years.

    One apartment building was over an old Western Indian gathering - meeting place. At certain times I would see - sense many native people passing through. For a number of years there was somebody with a pipe smoking. One time I acknowledged the smoker and there was never another incident.


  • Do you know how truly blessed I feel!!...having beautiful souls like you Ibelieve and Juliana come to give me your thoughts and love!!!....I do SO appreciate it!!

    Ibelieve, I know what you mean about the vision board, when I first heard about doing this to create the things you want in life I set to it straight away, that was about 3yrs ago....but after a few months, nothing!, I got so down hearted and took it down, and chuntering....it doesn't work for me blah blah!....but you know what! after reading what you just wrote I got this sudden thought pop in my head, and I wont hold back what came to mind in that instance.....the exact words were "you b.l.o.o.d.y fool Denise....for goodness sake, stop your impatients now!!....sorry for the swear word but I think I know where I go wrong now, you see in my head I feel time is running out for me because of my age and I want "quick fixes" cos I feel I've had enough....and now I know I have to "change" that thought pattern, pronto!!....and whats even better it ties in with what you say about the personel year I'm in....and now I'm off to bed with these thoughts of being like the snake and carry on "shedding" and clearing what needs to be gone!!....BLESS you dearest Ibelieve, you have given me lots of things I need to think about to make it come about ā™„

    Juliana, you are such a blessing also, and I so want to tell you that in all this time me coming on tarot I just LOVE coming across all your posts sending Angels to us all, it has always felt like a beautiful breeze of love that wafts through this forum and I for one am grateful to feel it :)....

    Oh I so feel like you have, I too have lived in homes that felt like stepping stones, and I so want to get back to being in a home that "feels" a bit like one I had most of my married life with my late husband, we lived there for 14 yrs, we left that out of nessessity too, and he died about 2yrs after, that was 16 yrs ago....it was a home that I always felt comfortable in and "at home"....:)

    sorry for waffeling on, the appartment you mentioned in an old Western Indian Gathering place sounds wonderful!....and I think I am right in picking up the message from what you say..."I need to try and acknowledge and accept whats happening at this house"....and it will all stop!!....I would like to think this will be so....

    SO much love and gratitude to you both, I truly do feel you in my heart


  • HealingWays,

    You sound lighter than ever just now and empowered. Quite a turnaround and the AHA! moment.

    Love it.

    I'm with you on the vision board thing. My only excuse is, I do not know what I want yet. I really am in a state of flux with my getting rid of many years worth of baggage both physical and mental. I feel like once I unload, I will then be clear enough to know where I want to go and do next.


  • Oh yes my lovely friend, I can't tell you how wonderful I feel when ones like you give me those AHA moments....don't they just give you the most fantastic feeling eh! worth more than all the tea in china so to speak....I just know you are well on your way to clearing all the "baggage" from your life Beth (hope it's ok to call you by your name, even though I love to say "Ibelieve:))....get ready to be exited in "knowing" what you want....you will be in for such a treat....I just know it :)))))


  • Thank you so much.

    And you can call me that, quite a few do. It's one of my middle names but due to Poetic having a dream about 3 Beths not long after I joined in fully on the forum, we started calling each other Beth. So it was kind of cool to be adressed by a real name and not so annonmous anymore.

    I still love my Ibelieve (even if I spelled it wrong when I signed up LOL) as it holds meaning for me, sort of like expressing my belief in spirit everytime I use it.

    But Yeah, out with the old and in with the new.

    Thanks again and blessings.

  • Hi Markie808,

    Thank you SO much for looking into this for me, there is certainly no need to apologize my friend:)

    It's certainly good news about the move. even though I was hoping it would be sooner, see what I mean, I'm impatient šŸ™‚ but it is 6/7yrs of wanting to...sigh! I definitely need to work on keeping my energies good and find strength to carry on..... but I do feel I am definitely willing to take that risk you mention, sounds exciting to me, and what you said about the numbers makes so much sense too as there is always going to be positive/negative aspects in "everything" isn't there, and I suppose it has been the amplified negative that has affected me so much in this house, and I'm certainly going to get the vision board going again, in fact I made a collage of pictures that is dear to my heart, A beautiful Bungalow, A crystal shop with a healing room at the back, A beautiful Horse, doing oil paintings....etc etc...thats my perfect life, and where my heart is!! I made this collage up in photoshop and I had it as a screensaver, I used to sit and stare at it when starting PC up and then just before I shut it down at night, and on occasions I would see it in between changing pages:).....so thank you all for stiring all the good feelings about this and I will put that collage straight back on my PC......I will post it for you to see, and one day you never know, you might pop into my little Cyrstal shop and maybe would like to have a Reiki healing done in the perfect little healing room that is so peacful and calming, it's joined on the back of crystal shop :), and after that we can all go over to my beautiful little Bungalow for coffee and we can all talk our little heads off and put the world to rights!!....Oh what a wonderful thought that was!!...it made my heart "sing"....

    the "fuzzy" stuff around each pic is supposed to represent Snow....I'm a winter girl, I love it...:)))

    once again Markie, you will never know how grateful I am, thank you!


  • Markie, the blessing you sent means a lot!!....I send them back to you ten fold šŸ™‚ and I sure am creating a good day, how could I not after waking up to read yours and Ibelieve's reply to me and get my feelings back on track with the vision board thing :).....I am in the "now" and feeling great!! šŸ™‚

    Ibelieve, Beth :),

    I love the name Beth, afterall I've got a granddaughter called Bethany:)....I don't think you spelt "believe" wrong at all, if so my lovely wooden letters I have on my kitchen wall is spelt the same and I dot it wrong too....lol....but I'm sure we haven't cos when I first put them up my daughter said "Mum, you have put the e and i the wrong way round!!".....I googled it....nope, we are right it is definitely BELIEVE....lol...good job else I would have eneded up having rip the plaster off the wall to change them round, they are sure "stuck" down good and proper....LOL...

    I think I told you before of my very profound feeling with this word too! :))

    blessings to both of you!...now lets all..."create our Great day!!


  • Me again....lol... but I just had to search for a pic with your great "signature" words you use...

    Here you go!! :))

  • HealingWays,

    Oh I spell it correctly when we are talking but if you look at my avatar and the name underneath you will see that when I signed up, I had obviously hit submit before checking the spelling.

    Ibel e i v e. I soo wanted to go back and change it and then I decided it is a reminder (daily) that we all make mistakes and to not be so hard on myself for little things.

    So there it is for all the world to see and yet no one has ever mentioned it (except me, I just had to open my mouth didn't I. LOL)

    So either they are being kind. Good to know.

    They did not notice. Also good to know.

    Or it just wasn't important. Also good to know.

    Lesson for life..."Don't sweat the small stuff!"

    I absolutetly love the crystal shop (can I come work there?) and the bungalow is beautiful just beautiful. Get it printed out as well, frame it and place it near where you sleep. You can also place some crystals around it.


    Amazonite a variety of Microcline, is a member of the potassium feldspar group. The coloring is typically deep green to greenish blue. Amazonite is highly sought after by mineral collectors. This semi-opaque blue-green variety of feldspar is named after the Amazon River. Amazonite balances feminine and masculine energy. It promotes kindness and practicality. It is an excellent stone for artists and for men. Pale azure blue amazonite is known as the lucky "Hope Stone". It will be lucky for all your hopes and dreams. Amazonite helps balance the emotions and gives physical stamina.

    And maybe the frame can be abalone or Mother of Pearl:

    Abalone (Abalone Shell/Mother of pearl)

    Abalone is a shell from the family that includes clams, scallops, and others. Abalone is purported to be especially useful for handling and calming emotional situations, and be very soothing to the emotions. Having abalone nearby when working through an emotional situation with someone is said to be beneficial, and to promote cooperation. Abalone is reported by intuitive sources to stimulates psychic development and intuition, and promotes imagination in a healthy way. Abalone is associated with the first three chakras. Mystical Lore and Folklore says that abalone is helpful for arthritis and other joint disorders, muscle problems, the heart, and digestion. Shells are related significantly to the ocean, because they have been part of it for many years. The ocean brings feelings of well-being and relaxation, it arouses all of our senses. Holding a piece makes you feel beauty, comfort, caring, delight, gentleness, love, peacefulness and solace. In China, Mother of Pearl is highly prized as a stone that attracts fortune and happiness. It is considered a good luck amulet and is often given to loved ones to wish them good luck and prosperity in life.


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