Advice PLEASE! sad over cancer man

  • Cancer guy was trying to get at me for a minute. Only he admits to dating multiple women. I told him that absolutely would not work for me because I am way too emotional to handle that. He says he appreciates my honesty as well, but he still kinda comes after me. His explanation was because I was a challenge. He lives downstairs from one of my friends and one night alcohol was involved, things got out of hand and we slept together. So he says since then he has slept with only me. Finds me interesting, **** etc. We talk alot, he says he finds himself liking and mising me more and more. We share alot and the **** was bangin! He works in the town I live in so we spend breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner together. But when I visited my friend he was with a woman. He said it won't happen again. When we're together it's an issue with his phone. I cook alot (and he eats) I broke my hand mixer and I asked him 4 days before easter to buy me a new mixer. He says: No problem baby, its on my priority list. I said to myself: self I will bet that he gets distracted by other women and forgets the mixer. Friday night we passed each other in our cars and he was with another woman. Come saturday evening of course he forgot the mixer. I told him I can't do this anymore. What self respecting woman goes along with something like this? Instead of making any adjustments he said: Since this is hurting you maybe I should stop contacting you. What was I suppoed to say? I was crushed. I simply said: thats fine. That night I broke down and called and aked him to come over and for the first time he refused. Probably was with another woman who knows. Shoot I was in love with him. I think he never really liked me and he's moved on. I know guys only come back if there were really into the person. Do you think I will ever hear from him again or lick my wounds and move on?

  • they always come back... one way or another.. at least that's my experience

  • Honey, he is not worth it. Normally ill stick up for cancer men but i also know well there r bad appels among them. Seems to me he wants the cake n eat it also n you has so far allowed him. Hon if he aint changed by now chances are he wont ever change.

    ut ur losses b4 ur heart breaks fully. but keep in mind just bc one cancer man was a bad apple down throw the entire barrel away., u never know if another GOOD SINCERE one woman cancer man will come along.

    Plz for ur own sake, dont submit to his treatments of u, u deserve better. Cut him off, mourn n lick ur wounds, heal n move on.

    best wishes sweetie


  • Well I feel so stupid because I'm smarter than this. I tried my best not to deal with him. I feel like I got played and I have no one to blame but myself. On top of it all I feel rejected. I know he is going about his merry little way with all his women not thinking about me. I swear never again, Im done, I can't and won't EVER be hurt again.

  • Well dont be too hard on urself. They can be charmers. Well chosen words useally gets us to forget all the bull they has done. we´re women sue us!

  • This post is deleted!

  • i read not long ago that the bigger balls men has the bigger scoundrels they are. So if ya know the size of his balls u know the size of his scoundrelness.

  • your guy is a player...hands down.

    He came after you because you were a challenge, He always had another woman in tow, when you finally caught him in something wrong his response was basically "well maybe you should do with out me then" thats pure unadulterated game. At that point he figured he had you hooked and he was right. And the first time he messed up and u tried to call him he saw that you were needy and left you hanging.

    I'm a scorp baby, EF licking your wounds my first instinct would be to advise you to burn his vehicle with some jazmin sullivan playing in the background. I'm mad FOR you!

    But I'll give you the mature advice...You need to X any possibility of ..."if i behave this way I can get him to to do this or that" true love isn't a game..not when the stakes are this high. Pretend you're a scorp for a day. Dust yourself off, give him that rock hard stare and politely let him know where his box of things are. Then shut the door and SOB....quietly. 🙂

    Trust me his other women are probably a bunch of chickenheads anyway. Leave him to it. Karma is a b*tch

    Best of luck.

  • BTW him being a dog has NOTHING to do with being a cancer. He' s just selfish and immature.

  • "No problem baby, its on my priority list" UGH! even THAT sounds playerish. If a guy is too smooth and confident its not a good sign. Even the biggest catch ( if he likes you) he will be a little awkward nervous and trying to impress.

    But dont beat ureself up about it. Its not like you LET him treat you badly. this is not your fault.

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