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  • Hi Markie808, thank you for the numerology reading. It was rather interesting to see how much depth is emphasized on a number. It made me rather curious to see what vibes or anything else however you pick up from me. My birthdate is May 6th 1992 at 9:28pm.

    Thank you so much. I really appreciate it 🙂

  • Heres a photo if you need anything further.....

  • 🙂

  • I mainly want to focus on my love life and dating (even though I pretty much think I will be ok). What do guys admire about me? I'm curious to know I attract all types but I do have a tendency to like bad boys but I think I might quit with that?

  • Thank you I really appreciate this 🙂

  • 🙂

  • Thanks Markie808 cannot wait to apply all of this when I hit Miami this July!!!! Thank you so much I really appreciate this! 🙂

  • Do you always attract what you secretly enjoyed and what should I focus on this year! Ive felt and learned from many others that this will be an amazing year for me. I am curious to know what you see?

  • Thanks Markie! I definetly will get the best because Im chase after nothing less lol and I will keep in mind to focus on the most important things in fact that helps me stay motivated. Thank you so much Markie! 🙂

  • asia118 is right, you know what you want and i know what i want , so i better just stop giving it untill i get what i want. it is fair for us to exchange gift for each other

  • Hey Markie what is my personal year number and what does that mean?

  • Thanks you soooo much Markie808 (how are you loving the site so far by the way?) I know this is going to be an exciting year for me! I can feel it! 🙂

  • Hi Markie808 lol I feel as if I can over analyze this topic at times but before I pour my heart out I want to let you know that I have moved on from my ex. I just still think about what happened because I didnt understand why we split apart and the breakup was abrupt and kind of brutal and we havent spoken since we broke up. I just wanted to ask for you perspective or insight as in to what happened (even though I feel I know what had happened)

    His birthdate is Nov 1st 1991 and I am May 6th 1992

  • Thanks alot Markie. I never really tried to boss him around nor did I ever even inflitrate his personal group of friends because I tried to give his space. I can guess that the relationship was too much pressure on him-he worked alot and after being together off/on 4 months, we did long distance for 8 months (he initiated it lol and told me he loved me first). All he told me during the breakup was I have enough on my plate so deuces (as in goodbye). I think he was involved in illegal activity and didn't want me involved on top of the possible pressure of our relationship. A week before he wanted me to move in with him but I think something he did in New York and sfter that everything came crashing down hill-he became hurtful and eventually dumped and we haven't talked since. If you want the whole story check out Taurus Girl Calling Out To All Scorpios. If you want to reply please reply in this thread please.

    Thanks I really appreciate this 🙂

  • Thank you Markie!!!!!!! That's all I can do now is focus on what I learned and realize all the postives of the situation. It has worked so far. I learned so much about myself and relationships through this experience (he was my first boyfriend and first love) Im just bored now and I battle with lonliness from time to time but I know it's not best for us to be together at least not right now (Just saying not waiting for him or anything lol) I think Im just restless and I want to play the field for now because my main focus is school for now. Hope it goes well. My fave sayings is never a failure always a lessons. I feel that's what continues to inspire me especially with this situation.

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