Someone Please Interpret These Tarot Cards For Me.

  • I had a Tarot reading done and would like some one else's interpretation of these cards.

    This is the order of the cards.

    Ace of Swords

    3 Wands

    6 Pentacles

    4 Cups

    6 Wands

    9 Wands

    2 Cups

    8 Swords

    8 Wands

    The Sun

    14 Trumps ( I think this was Temperance)

    Then I asked a question about a guy and the card I pulled was The Tower

    If someone can do this for me, I would really appreciate it.

  • May I ask again, if anyone can interpret the above tarot cards.

    Thank you

  • What was the question that was posed prior to pulling these cards and, more importantly, what positions did they fall in (ie, crossing, present and passing influences, crowning, etc).

    What was the question you asked about the guy? I have to tell you that the appearance of The Tower is not a good sign....

  • Hi Watergirl18,

    Its been awhile, you did a tarot reading for me last year.

    Thank you for your time once again, I really appreciate you doing this for me.

    I dont know the spread he did, it was almost like a circle and he used stones on the cards.

    There was no specific question until the end of the reading.

    It was more of in the now type of thing, where I am at.

    The question I did ask at the end of the reading was why the man I was with left me, and thats when I pulled the Tower card. I do agree with you, The Tower is not a good sign.

    As you see, I pulled 11 Cards, with that amount I usually read them in a Celtic Cross Spread.

    I was a little confused by the circle, thats why I was hoping for someones insight here.

    Don't know if this helps you.

    Thank you

  • Hello Piscesstar,

    I'm just wondering; weren't you provided with an interpretation by the reader? Without the significance of each position it's going to be very hard if not impossible for anyone else to interpret.

    Regarding the Tower card. What happened between you and your guy was beyond your control. Simply put, the relationship HAD to end. I kind of disagree that the card is a bad thing. Whatever comes out of this situation for you will be for your greater good. In other words, you will find a better relationship 🙂

    Love & light,


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  • PisceanHealer,

    Thank you for also taking the time to answer my post.

    I was a little confused by the way he read the cards.

    Just looking at the cards I chose can you tell me anything about them?

    When I asked why the guy I was seeing disappeared on me, I pulled the

    Tower Card, and his interpretation is that this guy lives on the edge, war and struggles,

    macho attitude, having to be right all the time, me never figuring out the chaos. Also that this man is deceptive.

    May I please ask your opinion/advice, I am in a #7 personal year which is the Tower card, how does this card relate to my personal year? What does this card mean in a #7 year?

    I am working on learning to use the Tarot cards, so I have been doing lots of research looking at different interpretations, and it can be quite confusing, do people read the cards intuitively?

    This is the direction I want to go, what do you think?

    I hope I am not asking too much of you, just trying to find some answers.

    Thank you again for your time.

  • Hello Piscesstar,

    Is it not possible to speak to the person who gave you the reading in the first place? You should always ask for more clarity/explanation if you feel you need it. Or at the very least you could ask for the positional meanings 🙂

    Regarding your relationship, if the Tower card represented a person then yes, it would imply deceit and arrogance.

    Speaking of the Tower card, to me it is about endings. Specifically, the end of any thing and everything built on falsehoods or has become "false". In other words, no longer true. This could be a false belief or a false structure or both. You've already experienced it with the ending of your relationship.

    The difficulty is, we don't recognise what is "false". From the outside everything looks fine. Strong even. So when it does come crashing down, we are left shell shocked, confused, and hurt.

    On the positive side of things, we'll get to see things for what they truly were, but more importantly, the space has been cleared for us to build something new and better.

    For you Piscesstar, hopefully, the only ending is behind you now, but do be prepared for more endings this year. Bear in mind that whatever comes after the ending is always better for us.

    As far as the rest of tarot goes for you, I can certainly give you some meanings of the cards you drew, but you'd be far better off doing it yourself. Look up the meanings on the Internet or in books. As you read you'll find certain words, certain sentences, seem to stick out. They will "ring true" to you and your situation. This is your intuition speaking to you.

    Don't be disheartened if you come across a description of a card and you think "This doesn't make any sense", again that's your intuition telling you that this is not the correct interpretation for you. Just go to the next website or next book and find another interpretation.

    Love & light,


  • Hi Marc,

    Thank you so much for your reply.

    I definitely should have got more clarity from the guy who did the reading for me.

    I just thought everyone has their own technique of doing readings, so being the

    "nice fish I am", I just wanted him to do the reading as he felt comfortable.

    I agree with you, "Bear in mind that whatever comes after the ending is always better for us".

    That statement takes a bit to really sink in, but truth always prevails.

    The guy I dated he is also in a #7 personal year, and also has the Tower Card.

    He is actually getting married in a few weeks, which I was blown away, this is where the deceit came in. When he was dating me, he also had this other woman in another state where he works. I waited over a couple years for this man and when we started dating, he had told me he did not want commitment (I know red flag), but I always choose to find the good in people, and my intuition was always trying to get my attention to say something is not right, but I chose to ignore it.

    He disappeared on me last August, since then I have been working on me and making many HUGE discoveries, really using this personal 7 year to really soul search who I am and what do I want from this wonderful journey of life. I have gotten great advice on this site, it has helped me immensely.

    Also since this break up or whatever it is called, some strange and powerful things have been happening to me. I keep finding Love Heart Shape Rocks everywhere, but not just rocks, many other Hearts in all different places, in things I could never imagine could form a heart shape.

    I plan on a web site where I can share this as it is something people would not believe. I take pictures of every unplanned heart I find, so people know that it was not made up. Sometimes, this is also happening to my daughters, but more so to me, I can't wait to share this.

    On this note, I thank you from my heart, thank you for your gentle explanation of my questions.

    A little secret to you, I was waiting to hear from you before you responded to me and you did.


    I can feel you have a big heart, you are a good person and keep up your great work.

    Thank you again

    Love and Light



    Quotes from; Sanaya Roman


  • Thank you Piscesstar. Seems we were meant to connect as I find real inspiration, motivation and meaning in those quotes you left me with 🙂

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