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  • So, I go to off to college in about 4 years. It might not seem that important right now but it's actually not that far away.

    I have an idea of what I want to major in. I probably would want to be a double or triple major.

    I absoulutely would love to major in Psychology.

    I expressed to my mom that I would want to join the Peace Corps after highschool but she doesn't want me to because "It's so hard to get into the routine of college after" but when the time comes, I'm probably gonna do what I want to.

    As of right now, I probably would be going to a prestigious college.

    Hmmm. How was your college experience?

  • Mine was good and bad and I would not trade the experience for anything in the world!!!

    I loved the academic life and the people and the philosophy and conversations. It was incredible.

    As for the Peace corp, after you finish your service, Fellows/USA offers returned Volunteers scholarships or reduced tuition, stipends, and internships at more than 50 participating campuses in a variety of subject areas, combining graduate study with substantive, degree-related internships that help meet the needs of underserved American communities. Fellows teach in public schools, work in public health facilities, and contribute to community development projects at nonprofit organizations. Volunteers can apply for Fellows/USA any time after they complete their Peace Corps service.

    You have grand aspirations Reesey, go ahead and reach for the sky! Why not!


  • I can't wait for college. It seems like one of those times of your life where there a ton of lessons to be learned.

    I will use that information in my argument.

  • Gathering information is always a good part of planning. Especially when its your future.


  • Dear ReeseyReese,

    It truly can be quite challenging to get into the routine of things for something like the Peace Corps. You say that you're probably going to be going to a prestigious college and if so, well, I once heard about this article about how the undergraduate students at Yale (you said prestigious so I thought this would be a good example) who take a gap year before starting oftentimes perform better if they are spending that gap year doing something useful such as working, interning, joining the peace corps, etc. HOWEVER, the peace corps is so radically different from college that it might hurt you - it might be hard to get the ball rolling again when it comes to studying, if you know what I mean. My brother was interested in the Peace Corps and applied for it AFTER college. I think that virtually all of the Peace Corps members have already finished college (or are at least at the age of those who have finished college) because it's such a draining and tough experience. My brother was offered to go to Togo. Crime? Disease? Lack of civilization? Most definitely! And it is for that reason that it's pretty much only those who are 22 and older who go. College is where you learn to live all by yourself, solve problems in living, and mature and become an independent adult. You need those skills for something like Peace Corps.

    Peace Corps is a great option, however, I recommend doing it after college.



  • I might do that. I just know that I'll do it either before or after college. Hmm. I guess after. I just need something to satisfy my desire to help humanity. 🙂

  • I'm very into charity work myself. In college (especially prestigious ones like Yale) there will be many clubs that involve charity work of sorts (and there's always the option to make your own club). I recommend joining a charity club in college! Or volunteering somewhere. The options are endless. 🙂



  • Wow! I had to comment. What an amazing individual you are to be thinking so far in advance and setting your goals. Also, very admirable about your peace corps ambitions. When I was a freshman in high school, my most major concern was the cute guy I had a crush on in English class! 🙂 You're going to set the world alight with ambition and drive like yours.

    A few words of advice from my own experience though....

    1. Enjoy high school! Don't look too far into the future that you forget to enjoy the now and beauty of being young. You have a whole life time to be concerned about decisions and success. Concentrate on your studies of course but part of high school is also about learning to socialize and be with others. Enjoy! It's expected to be a time of exciting events, embarrassing events, disappointments, anger, joy, making choices, learning from them, making friendships, learning to deal with others, first loves possibly. All just as valuable as anything you can do in college. I'm sure you know all this but just a reminder.

    2. I cried when I graduated from university. I didn't want to leave! Enjoy every minute and get involved in anything and everything that interests you. You will love it. Again, study hard, keep your goals in mind, but also enjoy!

    3. I agree... wait to join the Peace Corps until after university. The Peace Corps do often pay for university tuition if you go after high school but I personally think it would be a tough go. I moved overseas as a young adult (23 yrs old) and it was scary and challenging enough for me moving to western European countries. I would NOT have been mature enough to handle the rigors of living and working in a developing country as an 18 or 19 year old. That's me though. Sounds like you are very mature.

    Also, a few friends taught in Japan after college. they could write their ticket to any job after that. I imagine the peace Corps is the same. Valuable experience you can only learn and grow from.

    Anyway, my hats off to you. You're a thinker, you have goals and and you'll do great no matter which avenue you pursue.

    Very best. xx


  • Thanks, Stonyeye! Great advice!

    I'll remember to do #1!

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