• Hi HelBells and Hans

    I feel so sorry for haveing contributing to ruining ur thread. I chose to make this one 4 u instead. if this is also ruined n twarted ill redo another until u have a thread that is just for u 2 n no one else, which includes me. If u allow me will i monitor n let people know gently to please not interfere with this thread should they find their way here.

    from now on its ur thread my friends. I hope this will b an accepted apology.


  • OH charming one--please be kind to your lovely self! No one owns a thread---this is a spiritual place. I checked out the thread and nowhere see Hans complaining. We all know to ignore what we choose or not. And remember that old advice about others teasing or goading you---if you don't bite they get bored and move on---it is always their need to pull you down to meet them at their level as they can't leap up if the intention is negative--it just defys the law of energy so don't stoop low. It's no secret that a public forum is going to attract all kinds and some come here to seek advice and support and some play--entertain themselves or just want to strike out. It is what it is. Make happy tracks to a happy place. What's your bliss? Share that. New moon in Taurus tomorrow---Lets build something grand! BLESSINGS


  • i BET he is a GRRREEEAAATT kisser theheheheheheheheh

    hm what would u need to prophecy me in that regard of full moon n u know near future

    well im not stooping low i noticed helbells remark on 2 or 3 occasions her thread was hijacked. this is my apology to her n hans


  • Hey people i must apologize too. Sorry Helbells Hans it won't happen again !

    I admit though it felt really good to act like an 8 year old again..hey maybe we can use this thread instead....Sunnnnny where are you ? come and play lol

  • This post is deleted!

  • yw sweetie

  • This post is deleted!

  • Seehorse! Hi!!

    Blmoon that post was so wise and the picture just ....adorable!!

    And Charmed, I doubt they will do anything. They were very nice to me to delete my posts, but also very clear about they have no control over it being a PUBLIC forum, and no one "owning" threads - I asked about that. It may be an unwritten rule, but it's not Admin's rule.

    I'm glad I missed the fight, tho -

    and oh, hello, Hans and Helbell...nice to meet you!

  • Hey CWB

    It was very nice of you to start a new thread for Hans and Helsbells (great song) Dont worry

    Be Happy .

    Love and Light Loap:)

  • Hi everyone, Wow I never thought anyone could behave so rudely in Hans's thread those girls are clearly disrespectful and has little to no respect for anyone here. Who needs all that negativity? Glad to see that we all care and stand up to people like this on the site and we are all one family and trust me I can't stand to see someone try to hurt or demean anyone here. Sorry for interupting your thread but just wanted to share some light and love to all of you 🙂 and to Hanswolfgang thank you for all you've done for me I appreciate it and adore don't let those two disrespectful teens get to you-you're a great teacher and wonderful person 🙂

  • Hellooooooooooo Jlinaangel !!! Long time no see girl ! Glad to see you again (omg... you ARE a girl arent you lol)

  • Seehorese - haha...yeah, and that's exactly what I look like - Tinkerbelle! I hope your spiritual journey is going along nicely, I'm happy you're still here! And Asia, that was so beautiful!! ((hug))

  • Hugs to you to jlinangel :)))) hey Seehorse how r you?

  • Hello Hans,

    Sorry to bother you again... But it's gone quiet and I'm not sure now what's going on. And it means so much to me. I just want to make sure I haven't left anything undone in this situation. I do feel like I just need to wait now. But wanted to see what you think.

    Hope all is well. Take care,


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