Evolving scorpio woman in trouble

  • I am a scorpio woman who has recently lost my job, I have bills that are past due, a boyfriend to care for, and a lot of things going on right now.

    My birthday is 10/27/1990 I have a master number of 11 which is pretty exciting to learn.

    I am a very friendly, generous and caring person by nature, I'm just wondering, when will things look up for me?

    I am trying to stay positive I was in a deep state of depression for a while(have been for years on and off) but I have learned this is in your head, and am working on bettering my own mental attitude.

    Please, please I could use any help or guidance you have to offer I am just trying to survive and not be so overwhelmed. I will gladly answer any questions you have to ask.

  • I would say being a Scorpio, that you are very strong-willed person but you just have to keep reminding yourself of that. The cards even suggest this, although you have had some tough times with depression, maybe even some form of addictions. This could have been eating, drinking, drugs or even staying up late too many times. All of which can take its toll if not done in moderation or not at all. The cards also suggest that you are moving forward, you are moving in the right direction. Just learn from your past trials and tribulations. I think hesistations and indecisions can be our own worst enemies.

    I think your biggest problem is you are very tired, no let's make that exhausted. Try to tap into your inner strength and determination, because it seems you have been working hard at what you have set out to do and it is just within your grasp. I hope this helpful and let me know how it works out. Many blessing bestowed upon you.

  • Thank you guys very much for answering. I will try my best to use my strength and focus on the positive, this is a real eye-opener to see what I knew in my head; written down.

    I fully appreciate your time and help,

    take care!

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