Aires man/scorpio woman, what do you think?

  • I've been dating an aires man for about 10 months and i really like him. All I reallt want to know is do you think this relationship will prosper? I've been wondering whether or not we are a good match. Can anyone give me any advice?

  • Hi FallFromAStar, I think as long as both of your tempers are in control the match would be good. I've never been in a romantic relationship with an Aries before, but I have Aries friends who I get along with great. The ones I know work really hard and are always working on improving their surroundings and I love helping out with that because I am in my element when I'm around motivated people (I'm a Scorpio female) as they seem to bring out the best in me in work, having fun and creatively. One thing I do know, the Aries I know expect their partners to work as hard as themselves and become a bit resentful when they don't. They can be possessive, but as a Scorpio that shouldn't be a problem unless it's obsessively overboard. Oh-and they are really good cooks too!

  • Hey there, I'm a scorpio female and my significant other is an Aries male. I agree with notreble in reference to the tempers and the expectation of hard workers. We've had ups and downs all due to our tempers. We get along and have spend lots of time together. Although, in the past, his free spirit kinda dampened the whole committment thing. I would advise just make sure that you both want the same things. You'll definitely go about it 2 different ways, but understanding and communication is highly important in this relationship. Aries are independent people and can sometimes be quite selfish. Take your time. Good luck.

  • Above all else I think that it's important to have somebody you can really talk to, and that you feel comfortable to be yourself around. If you spend too much time worrying about what he thinks, you might forget what YOU think! If that's not a problem, then ok. The tempers thing? Well, that is something you have to consider in any relationship, particularly if one or both of you have had any emotional trauma in the past (like who hasn't!). I wish I had asked myself this question when I was younger and my hormones got in the way of good sense: if either of us had a disability that prevented us from having relations, would I still want to be married to this guy?

    What does he have, aside from a cute smile, a wink, and a smart alec comment that makes you giggle? Just know that you will spend a lot more time thinking about your relationship than he will, whether that's good or bad!

  • Thanks for the advice guys, i really needed it. I really like him and sometimes its hard to be with him when he's being like over obsessive or protective or something. I know he loves me and i love him. I do think we are a good match and thanks again for the advice.

  • Both Scorpios and Aries can be fiery, passionate people(having the same ruling planet), so your relationship stands a good chance. Take time to listen to each other, and your love will prosper.

  • I'm a scorp female and my boyfriend is an Aries...... we have been together for a year and our love grows every day..... We struggle over a few bumps in the road like everyone does but at the end of the day we know we love each other and have each others back. Enjoy your time with your Aries... P.S. isn't the sex the most mind blowing adventure you've ever had? LOL

  • It totally is he's so *** amazing

  • I am a Scorpio woman married to an Aries man. It has been challenging. If you thrive on impulsive commitments, where you must provide the follow through, he's your man. Tension, passion and dynamic arguments will be a big part of the relationship.

    We're older now, but sex has been great at times, although somehow mechanical and lacking the full tantric, spiritual kundalini dimension, that this Scorpio woman dreamed of. It's amazing how virile an Aries can be though, in their somewhat oblivious way. There's definitely something to be said for that confidence factor.

    Aries men can be arrogant movers and shakers, but they are also charming and quick witted too, in an off hand and sometimes immature way. Aries wants to jump right in, not look before they leap. They expect others to pick up after them and always need an underling to delegate.

    Things are much more black and white for an Aries man, than they are for a Scorpio woman.

    I have said many times that we make a great team, perfect for manifesting and creating, as long as I don't get too hung up on the missing details and lacking finish work.

    We happen to both be born in the year of the Horse, in Chinese astrology. We can really get going fast and far together. But, I've also felt sometimes, like I've been harnessed together with an unbroken stallion who wants to buck free and upset the whole apple cart!

    Aries men like a concrete system, which they can and do easily master. They thrive on competition, but can be unconscious of projection. They may overlook emotional nuance and be impatient with your brewing and stewing in your own juices, the way a Scorpio woman will.

    Like I said, it's challenging. You need to do serious self examination and get a complete compatabilty chart, based on both complete natal charts, to see the picture. Rising signs and every planet all play a part in your mutual chemistry. Good Luck, if you go with him!

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