Virgo men, please help. I think I screwed up.

  • I like this guy, A LOT. I met him last year and now I've moved to his town and its been like a week or two and I've fallen for him. it sucks.

    at first i felt he had fallen for me as well, but then whenever we'd be playing around, it'd usually be me and him alone and the rest of the group on one side... so whenever we were playing around and joking, his friends would poke at him about something happening between us.

    And he keeps calling me something i dont like and finally one day i flipped and said i'd never date him. since then he doesnt joke with me anymore but always gives very sincere hugs whenever he gets a chance or whenever no one is looking etc...

    he also told me he's scared to commit coz his last gf left him and that broke his heart. that was a couple years back.

    I feel like his sister doesn't like me because she knows that i like him but i didnt tell her. a mutual friend did that i confided in. I made a very BIG mistake because now everyone in the group knows, this guy's got a big mouth and he spread it around. I'm november born.

    Now this guy that i like is so distant from me. he doesn't call me anymore, or want to hang out, etc... what do i do?

    Should i just wait for him to call me and never call him? I usually need his help with things so i have to call him sometimes.

    PLEASE HELP! i so LIKE HIM! i feel so much chemistry between us, we read each other's minds at times.. aaaghhh. finally after 2 years i fell for someone who doesn't want to fall back for me.

    Then he last night was like "hey wanna see the girl i like?" i'll only be loyal to that one girl that i find.. etc etc.. hinting that its not me. is this a mind game or does he actually not like me?

    Physically he's always close to me but then his words say something else. he's got a gemini moon.

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