Powwow for UK/Ireland/rest of Europe and anyone else

  • Just wondering if anyone of you wonderful people would be interested in having a powwow sometime this year as in - meeting up at a central location to finally meet the faces behind the names?? I would love it. I put UK/Europe/Ireland on the header but that is only because the chances of anyone flying in from the US or Australia are probably quite small (but it would be magical...)

    Any takers? If we can get a list of people together then we can go from there.


  • I am definitely up for it, finances allowing. I'm not sure I could afford a trip to Europe, but I may be able to do Ireland. Of course, you could all come to Wales 🙂

  • angel hugs

    I would like to attend a "powwow". If it is meant for me to be there I will.

    Next year would be a little better for me financially.

    I get to see some of you as I flip through The Captain's "PHOTO READING" site.

    It would be nice, as you state Sheelagh, to meet in person to see how each if our presconception matches with our original thought.

    I live in the south eastern part of Nelson, BC, Canada.


    loving silver wings

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