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  • Hey Markie

    i saw the bang of a solid smashing job you did for my pal MyJourney and at 1st i was to ask her to "borrow" her thread to ask you for one of what she had asked u. BUT i felt naaahhh the replies oughta be in its own thread, so here we are.

    B4 i went to make this thread I made a welcome to new members along a single post for u alone. A new thing i hope to keep up but as a fish i often get too much slammed on my plate, or it gets too much n im disgusted by it LOLOLOL

    anyhews i wonder if you can do what u did for MyJourney for me also? take all the time ya need for it, as it has no rush whatsoever.

    me cwb march 10 1972 at 11.20 pm sønderborg denmark

    charlie june 25 1941 at 2.47 AM San francisco usa

    aLden oct 4 1937 at 1.27 Am Wallace idaho usa

    Again it has no rush im juss more curious than a cat on a hot tin roof lol

    NA MA STE Markie


  • angel hugs with flower petals

    cwb, loveeeee the whitchy photo,


  • A Angel bump, for CWB

    thanks again Markie, i left you a message you were bamm on...i just wanted to bring this post back up for my friend CWB...



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  • Hey Markie

    You too are now part of the forum family. We all were new n we learnt through the time we have been here, the good the bad the annoying n so on. Whenever we encounter such annoyance we tend to warn eachother not to fall into a trap. Sometimes we refall into such traps, based on we believe there is something in the person we choose to help. we dont see the deception until a tad in the process. Small tidbit posts doenst show the entire person n issue, so it takes posts n time to catch on, but once caught, we back each other up.

    Ure abselutely right on me n the guys, aLden want it laid back smooth sailing no ripples, its the things i wish for badly like marriage children he has done , his past aint slick but rocky. like it was too much haxzzle fights eruptions bad ride stormy seas u name it. now he has found his small private pond n he is content. i keep hearing one drop at a time.

    However i cant settle for no children at all. part of me believe know i am here to also enjoy that n to experience pregnancy n motherhood. what drew me to aLden was that here was a man who liked me understood me n took me as i truely am just as i did him, n from it a friendship grew. it did take years n me changing my ways from the hare to the tortoise to get here. i dunno what time will bring but i say again if he vanished i´d b miserable. ive not met many who gets me as full as he does. n i doubt nor has he in me.

    whenever i envision my kids i see charlie as the donor so to say lol. i cant descripe whats its like, ill try. its as he is here even when he aint, he at times shóws other times he just replies or comments. lately ive started to think he has been the guider for as long as i started to use my occult gifts n that was back in 1999 as someone nudged me to do it n ive not looked back much since lol thriough him i foundf the woman in me, it may sound weird but i do believe it takes a man a special man to awaken the woman within the woman. he sure awoke mine lol

    we´re so connected that we know what the other is doing at any given time. I try not to abuse this as not every peek in is proper. Like when he is with family or at a business meeting. or on the can lmao to me its like i came home. the karmic click still blows me away. hell if i know how it was for n to him lol ive asked yet not been given any reply except a smiley smirk n twinkle in eyes lol the playful kind that is. oh my lmao

    ok ill round it up now. until next Markie.


  • Hey Markie

    Ive yet again been under barrage of some members, dunno if u heard or followed the battle, but i felt n found myself targetted chosen as beatbag yet again.

    Sometimes i ask what it is about me n in me that makes people think they can misuse n abuse me at any given time.

    Now i wonder if my numerology numbers shines so grand that some people get jalous n wishes to twart it? or is my numbers showing why i

    m a target? in the sense my built up indicates these traits as reason 4 some people to attack me.

    I feel like my latest dog Trunte, she too was attacked over n over, númerous times. she was the gentlest sweetest soul ever. she was my heart soul n being. I also asked why she was targetted. Sigh. n now i ask why she was taken so soon from me.

    my dogs a january 20 or 22 1995 born dog. Not sure which day she was born, my uncle once said 20th somone else said 22nd.

    Thanx Markie

  • Oh ive definitely been the worst kick my own ass. inpast as a teen n kid i selfinflicted wounds to rid of the deep pain i had inside inflicted upon me by my peers. when such occurs to a kid n teen it follows into adulthood. not the selfinflicting wounds making or drinking, but the putdowns. this last year ve had teacher who beliebe in me n ive instead of saying i learn ti for me ive unsubconsviously done learn for them. im facing hiuge choises on to go on with studies or take a different ship. my heart aint fully init bc i´d rather do my plan a which requires money n a huge relocation a job which enables a geen card or a marriage.

    im useally not an easy target i dunno mayb bc i wish people would see things from another angle than the stuck in rut one. n i get upset when they twist n misuse my words against me. as well as assuming they know anything about me n start lie telling.

    madame karma will get em soon enough like she gets me. ihate the blues ones hgets but it also riles up up to see the truth n messages she has tried to convey without beating the crap out of me lol

    my pets name was Trunte.


  • Thank u so much Markie

    I owe u


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  • HEy MArkie

    How are u these days? im contemplating somany things. I realizxed ive hardly made a choise without someones influence or nudge. Im feeling kinda grrrr leave me alone let me think 4 myself sshessshh. im glad they suggest but i cant help but feel itrs more their want n need than it is mine. is like im not fully allowed to mourn or consider to go on or not with what i was doing. its like ok it no work now get ur ass off the ground n choose fast.

    ive applied 4 job with for charlie n i hope i get it. it would b so great to say listen i landed a job all included so get off my eff.

    few questions if u dont mind

    1. when my sis (born jan 1 1970 ) suggest this or that line of education or work, am i senseing right its more her want n she project it to me?

    2. what does ur cards n u get 4 me come june july augist work or n educational wise?

    3. what does charlie think of my sis "meddles"?

    4. what would he advice to me?

    reply whenever n if u wish i can reciprocate


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  • CWB what is going own i see you on face all the time but i dont get into the games or stuff my grand kids do they use all that i do good to figure out how to even post a message so dont think i am ignoring you contact me there i will give you my email Love Ya Tooter

  • Sorry to jump in You two, but that sucks...i've seen it happen alot of times Markie, its how you word your words if that makes any sense....I have your info, if cwb needs it, ok cw

    love and light


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  • i got it tooter, will contact u!


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  • found ya will contact u once ive walked my sis´s dog.


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  • markie ur forms only accepts payment. i cant pay u anything bc im more broke than a churchmouse n chruchspider.


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