Watergirl - a continuation from our previous conversation...

  • Hello love ❤

    I hope that you had a wonderful holiday filled with love, memories and wondrful times :0)

    I never responded to the last thing you said to me, which was this:

    We all have our obstacles to overcome as we journey down our path in life and he has to overcome this one on his own. What I mean to say is, when he is ready he will reach out for help or seek help with his addictions - all the "love" and "support" and "coddling" you want so much to give him will not get him there. It has to come from within him. Unfortunately, the person usually has to hit rock bottom first. THIS IS NOT YOUR WOUND TO HEAL. Your wound is about your own self-worth. Deep down, you think you need someone who is "broken" and you need to ask yourself why. Focus on YOU. If you truly love him then you can send him love and healing without being in contact with him and without needing anything in return. In "Eat, Love, Pray" the guy from Texas at the Ashram told the main character who was struggling with this issue that whenever a thought of this person came into her head, to "send him love and light and then DROP IT." It's good advice....

    As far as your guides and angels....meditation! Talk to them and ask for their help and then be open to the signs you receive.



    I want to thank you for all of that. You are absolutely right, and it is good advice to be taken. To give you an update on the situation, D is now with his coworker. He IS unavailable, and it is quite possible that this is exactly why you sensed that he was, and to go even further that he could be with someone else. It is all still very confusing. I will let you in on the reason why.

    I had meantioned to you before that prior to your insight on the situation, I had eliminated the man that I was seeing prior to D (whom I referred to as M) from my life. HE was the one that made me feel so inadequate - as if I was being used only to satisfy himself, and now just recently we crossed paths again and I asked him again to please stay away from me and from anyone else I am associated with. Its odd, because the way you described what you felt about D, that my angels were telling me to stay away from him, that he uses me to make himself feel better and that he is cocky and charismatic on the outside but that on the inside he has serious issues - this COMPLETELY describes what I have already and am currently realizing about M. Just as you were confused between the 2 men, I am now confused as to whether this really is D that my angels are warning against, and not D. Granted, D may have sent me that disturbing text to "F@#$ off" but it is NOTHING compared to what M did to me recently. As a matter of fact, by way of facebook status, he did EXACTLY what you said D would do - he made an extremely egotisical comment about me for everyone to see, without using my name, SOLELY for the purpose of making himself feel better about me pushing him out of my life. Now I'M confusd, bc D has NEVER done such a thing to me, he has only been on non-speaking terms with me. And the txt I wrote to him when he said F off - his friends didn't even know he even said that bc he doesn't speak of me to them, or anyone that I know of for that matter. I just don't see D as being the man that is using me to make himself feel better, and though he does have some issues, M seems to fit that bill 10 time more than D ever could. Now I'm starting to think that its M that i need to stay away from, as I strongly feel is correct at this point, rather than not having feelings for D. I obviously must move on from D either way, I care for him and must let him go and I fully intend not to continue going to the same bar for sake of seeing him, let alone him and her together, but what I'm wondering is, could it be possible that as confusing as it has been, that perhaps D actually IS the one you said would be unavailable yet later things would change and M is the one I need to stay away from and the one that may come back as a "sexual conquest"? I truly could see M doing that to me but not D. Its all VERY confusing. I don;t know which is bad and which actually is good despite the mishaps but D really seems to be MUCH less threatening to my self-worth than M. Overall, I have learned my lesson in self worth but D was not the one to teach it to me - it was deinitely M. D on the other hand, he has made me want to be the best I can be. I still truly feel that we are not together not only bc he is with someone else, but that this is the time I have been given to prepare myself to be ready in mind and soul for whomever or whatever is to come. And the summer still sticks out to me as being a monumental time, as you had said before, things would smooth out then. Any thoughts on this? I hope hings can be a little clearer. This has been so confusing. I'm concerned that I'm ruling out the wrong person in SOME way,

    Pleae. take your time to get back to me. I understand that you are very busy and at times, need your rest so whenever you can get around to this it would be much appreciated.

    As always, thank you so so much for all of your insight. I truly means a lot to me.

    With much love,


  • P.S. Even more confusing, BOTH of these men are "unavailable" in some way. And both are Virgo men. This could also be what makes this all so confusing. jeeeeezzzz!!!!!

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