The captain could you pls help me out

  • hello captain l have just done the yes and no tarot ... and l asked if my bf is cheating on me and the answer was yes .. and also not long ago l went to a teller and he told me the same thing that he really is cheating on me ... l was wondering if you could see that also ?

    l would really like your help please l feel so lost

    his DOB is 27/09/1973

    and mine is 13/06/1978

    kind regrads

  • This relationship is easiest for friendship. Although it is imbued with endurance and tenacity, the relationship is challenged by the task of balancing both your energies so that you can keep your sights on your goals. Though the two of you are air signs, connected with thought, together your relationship produces drive and passion. You will have to leap large hurdles since separately neither of you has much staying power, but together you can outlast anyone. You just have to encourage each other to stick with it. If one of you loses interest, it may mean that neither of you are trying hard enough to make the relationship a good and lasting one. Don't give up so easily - fight for what you want.

    Largely because of your ability to achieve, your relationship can be powerfully influential to those around it. You two often harbour a blind spot however - you don't realize how open your private affair is to the scrutiny of others. Your passionate impulses for example are visible to all. Moreover, these impulses are fiery enough that they sometimes threaten to burn down structures - family, business or otherwise - that have taken years to build, probably terrifying the other people involved. The balance needed here will lie in agreements, whether verbal or unspoken, to act in a way that promotes harmony and minimizes upset for all concerned.

    Marriage or living together is perhaps the most difficult challenge of all types of relationship here. First, you will have to limit the frequency of your sexual contact to forestall a neurotic effect on other areas of life, and to avoid burnout. Second, you will both have to be strictly honest with each other about your activities with other people, and about the time you spend away from home. Third and most important, you must establish an umbrella of mutual trust and respect that will reconcile your partner's critical tendencies with your vagueness and lack of commitment. Things can work out here as long as extremes of feeling are avoided and you both try hard to make the relationship an open, trusting and honest one. Too much control is not the answer - you must normalize your relationship. Hiding the truth has unseen and damaging effects on both of you.

  • thank you so much for your time you have really helped me

    thanks again


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