Someone please help me with a virgo man. how to catch him, how to move forward??

  • I like this guy, A LOT. I met him last year and now I've moved to his town and its been like a week or two and I've fallen for him. it sucks.

    at first i felt he had fallen for me as well, but then whenever we'd be playing around, it'd usually be me and him alone and the rest of the group on one side... so whenever we were playing around and joking, his friends would poke at him about something happening between us.

    And he keeps calling me something i dont like and finally one day i flipped and said i'd never date him. since then he doesnt joke with me anymore but always gives very sincere hugs whenever he gets a chance or whenever no one is looking etc...

    he also told me he's scared to commit coz his last gf left him and that broke his heart. that was a couple years back.

    I feel like his sister doesn't like me because she knows that i like him but i didnt tell her. a mutual friend did that i confided in. I made a very BIG mistake because now everyone in the group knows, this guy's got a big mouth and he spread it around. I'm november born.

    Now this guy that i like is so distant from me. he doesn't call me anymore, or want to hang out, etc... what do i do?

    Should i just wait for him to call me and never call him? I usually need his help with things so i have to call him sometimes.

    PLEASE HELP! i so LIKE HIM! i feel so much chemistry between us, we read each other's minds at times.. aaaghhh. finally after 2 years i fell for someone who doesn't want to fall back for me.

    Then he last night was like "hey wanna see the girl i like?" i'll only be loyal to that one girl that i find.. etc etc.. hinting that its not me. is this a mind game or does he actually not like me?

    Physically he's always close to me but then his words say something else. he's got a gemini moon and venus and mars in leo.

  • What are your exact birthdates?

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    This is a difficult relationship for love, as you have found out. A romantic matchup or marriage between you can have a certain objectivity and detachment about them that facilitates understanding others - their motivations, foibles and frustrations. You two may pursue interests in areas such as psychology, being fascinated by the study of emotions like jealousy, hatred, love, and so on. At the same time, neither of you are particularly prone to sensing these emotions in their pure form in your relationship. Paradoxically, your relationship may be strangely unable to cope with its own problems, or even to realize that they exist. Its detachment and lack of awareness can severely detract from its level of intimacy. Volatile in the extreme, this matchup as a love relationship or friendship is not conducive to keeping either positive or negative feelings inside for long. Given to grand gestures and the exaggerated statement, the matchup is likely to call up dramatic responses from other people, matching its own. The two of you behave as if you are on a stage, with your own personal drama only one of many being acted out. You take great interest in events unfolding around you, and try to find where your own personal relationship fits in - if at all. In fact, making social sense out of the personal is perhaps the main focus of this relationship. Rather than engaging in power struggles with each other, you two are more caught up in the nature of society - in watching and understanding the flow of power in the broader world. You two must drop the play-acting occasionally and behave normally towards each other, without the drama. Try to get down to what is important and don't neglect self-understanding. Open your hearts more.

    Your friend needs to learn to detach emotionally when things get tough instead of wanting to run away and hide. A tendency to self-doubt manifests in a chronically picky attitude and such very high standards that no partner may ever be able to live up to them. An aloof and private individual, he likes to wrap himself in an air of mystery that keeps people away. He can be addicted to sex until he matures, and must learn to transform his intense form of sexuality into a more sensuous and relaxed one. He has an issue about being both sexy and smart. What he is really doing however is seeking approval and self-worth through a multitude of partners as he searches for his true soulmate with whom he can achieve total, permanent commitment. But completeness will never come to him through others - he must find it in himself. Living according to his own high standards will help him develop self-worth, and only then will he settle for just one partner. At the moment he sees himself as a person of high morals with 'naughty thoughts', but deep down his promiscuous lifestyle takes it toll on his self-respect.

    Until he gets these issues out of his system, he will be unable to commit to you or anyone else for very long.

  • Hi Captain, thanks so much for providing a detailed feedback on my issue šŸ™‚

    Would it be possible for you to tell me where I stand as well in life, love and careerwise? or what this year has for me?

    or a bit about my personality?

    my rising is Gemini. My sun is scorpio, I can never find guys that are in the water/earth range, I tend to attract air and fire. But i am never satisfied with them. i see satisfaction in earth, but I end up saying/doing something that offends them and they back off...

    I just don't know what to do. I feel confused sometimes..

    I would really appreciate any input šŸ™‚

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  • Charmstar, you are a unique and unusual thinker with an intelligence bordering on brillliance, and your life mission is to learn how to express what you know clearly and in a way that makes you easily understood by others. Your patterns of speech and thought are of your own making and sometimes the message from you to those around you gets mixed up or crossed. Failure to communicate will be a source of frustration for you until you master it. You are also here to release your need to be accepted, to value having a good reputation, and to learn how to cooperate with other people.

    Excitability and sheer aggression can be the principal stumbling blocks in achieving your life mission. Though you will never lack for inspiration, and can be counted on to have a unique vision of the world, your interactions with others can be characterized by a great deal of grandstanding, combativeness, and long-winded debate. You must force yourself down off your high horse if you are to convince others of your revolutionary approach. You attempt to impose your ideas on others, not through the clarity or grace of your verbal presentation, but through sheer force of will. Moreover, you may embrace change more for its own sake than for its tangible benefits. Yet if you take care to focus your prodigious energy and keep in mind that the higher task is not simply to express yourself but to make yourself understood, then the road ahead is bound to be an adventurous and exciting one.

    Your public self-image is significant to you. How others see you is of utmost importance and you may expend too much time and energy trying to convince others of your worth, rather than standing confident in yourself. However your attempts can backfire and make you appear sycophantic or a con artist, or be viewed with suspicion over your real motives. Invariably you are attracted to people who can help you achieve your ambitions but, deceived by self-interest, you may cut yourself off from those who really care for you and whom you most need. All you really need to do is cultivate some social graces - learning how to 'speak' other peoples' language and vernacular will help you enormously. Your nature is really very direct and natural; expressing it in a more socialized or controlled form is far preferable to adopting a false front that is a failed attempt at sophistication. Emotions are difficult for you - they're not neat, orderly or predictable and you have trouble with really letting your hair down and getting wild and passionate. When emotions are held back, so are relationships. No one wants to be with someone wearing a perfect mask - they want a real and vulnerable person to love. The more genuine and authentic you are, the more people will warm to you. Forget your worries over your image, your technique or your performance, and learn to relax and say "Here I am, the good and the bad - take it or leave it!" Overcoming self-doubt and the fear of others' opinions may take a little time but will be well worth it in terms of your whole life in general, but especially your love life.

    What you really want is to be totally free to pursue truth, have adventures, be spontaneous, and be right 100 percent of the time. But since no one can be right all the time, you never feel good about yourself. When you argue and try to convince other people that YOU are right, others don't want to connect with you. You want to speak completely from your intuitive process, and to have everyone understand you, learn from you, and appreciate your help. To do this, you must stop focusing on your particular brand of truth and have the humility and openness to start focusing on the people around you. You need to listen to - and understand - the information that others are sharing about their lives. When you listen closely like this, you will gain an insight that is often exactly the perspective that the other person needs. And because this information accurately addresses the other's problem, it will be gratefully received and accepted. Listening to a variety of different viewpoints - even those that don't fit with your previous experience - will let you get to know people in a way that helps you feel more connected.

    Your best career choice lies in your ability (when you listen) to tune in to the specific thought processes of others and supply information that allows them to view problems from an expanded perspective. Selling, writing, teaching, counselling, design and architecture, organizational work, training, acting, dancing, athletics, and communicating and expressing feelings in all forms can bring you happiness as well as material success, once you learn how to really cooperate with other people. You are also gifted in the areas of religion and philosophy with an innate awareness of ethics and morality so you can use your spiritual and intuitive awareness to understand someone else's thinking without losing your own truth. Unless you allow self-doubt to stop you, your high standards, precision, and clear vision can make you naturally prone to success. You do very good work (even if you don't always feel that way). You have a deep emotional sensitivity - whether or not you show it - and a mind that focuses and directs a profound intuitive intelligence. So if you get a grip on your ideals without being too perfectionsitic, stay practical and realistic, express your true emotions, and keep positive, you are bound to achieve all that you want. If problems arise in the area of finances, it will be because of self-doubt or perfectionist procrastination. A lack of abundance in your life most likely stems from self-worth issues - from unrealistically devaluing yourself and being afraid to let the world know what you're worth. You may also have mixed feelings regarding being filthy rich or retaining your moral integrity - but you can of course do both if you remain authentic and open to your truth.

    Good luck to you - I hope this helps! šŸ™‚

  • Hi Captain, I've repeatedly seen your name all over these threads and am not sure if this is the appropriate place to ask my question. Please let me know if I shd request this info elsewhere.

    Anyway, curious as to any insight you may have into my personality and future. Also, any info as to the type of man I shd be directing my energies towards. The gentleman that has been interested in me is a virgo.

    4/5/53 CRC and 9/3/52 DJB

    Many thanks for all your valuable information and of course, if you haven't the time, I totally understand.

    Thank You

  • @ AriesBurnsBright, readers request that you start a new thread for yourself, some times it can be confusing for the reader and the peron asking quetions..

    peace and light

  • Hi Captain. Thank You so much for giving me this detailed explanation. it so sums me up. Sometimes I feel so lost because I feel i'm bad at relationships, most the time miscommunicating, not sure if that's because I have a Mercury in Sagitarrius.. but a lot of times I feel unloved, been through a lot in life as well.. maybe that contributes to it.

    But i do know i do my best work when i'm not worried, when i'm worried everything goes rotten! šŸ˜ž

    Thank you once again for the insight šŸ™‚

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