• Hi Markie,

    I had a few questions about numerology, i hope this will make some sense..:)

    I'm a Leo August 10,1960

    My partner is A Sag December 20,1959 not sure if you need birth times or not, i have them if needed...

    what do you think, is it the numbers that you can rely on more than your Astrology signs..,.Just wanting what would be in your opinion, the numbers that go together well in a relationship or the Astrology view.? Or does it all go together and these are just pieces of the puzzle? again i am hoping i have made some sense in my questions...

    Namaste Markie


    peace and love

  • Welcome to tarot and thank you,,,Me bad, I know better... LOL

    Thanks again for all that you have helped...

    Namaste Markie


    peace,light and love

  • Oh my you hit us well lol...Thank you again for your time and gifts...I'm just a newbie, but I'm learning. I have had our sign compatibilities read and done some reading on our signs quite a bit, but the numerology read makes more sense to our relationship," my opinion only" its not as complicating to me any ways..Its a unique combination either way....we all all fire the both of us...hehe.

    .its been 2 years and just some days i wish i didn't always have to wear the pants lol...

    Thanks again Peace light and love

    Namaste Markie


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