Ive lost my job...

  • ...and now Im being evicted 😞 Does anyone have any insight as to what my future holds?I appreciate your input.



  • You might want to throw in some details like DOB


  • 11/19/60 Ive been a nanny for 27yrs but the last fam I was w/(for 2 yrs &2 children an infant &toddler)fired me over the phone bc she hired someone who'll work for 5$ an hr....under the table...

  • Dear BGoddess,

    First of all sorry to hear of your plight at this time.

    I'm a clairvoyant reader here on this site and as I read your request I felt a sense of giving up with you like you have been depressed for a bit of time even before the let go of the job. You need to go in a diffrent direction is what I get for you. You could apply with pre-schools in management. Also look into hospitals in the pediactircs dept for receptionist work or there is something else that you could do there too.

    I hope that you have friends or family that will help you at this time , yet I get an alone feeling with you, if you do not have someone to help you than I feel you will soon. Be sure to seek umemployment if you are in a state that pays it, as some do not now.

    If you are a membetr of a church than go and ask for help there also. There is a reason this happened and I really feel it is to turn you another direction. One that will be much better for you in the near future. There is a woman named Louise here that will be of help to you and a Sally and Mark too.

    God Bless


  • Thank you Shuabby and Markie808 for your insight & encouragement.Ive only been un-optomistic for the past month.I cant get my unemployment as I was told Im"to ill to work and have no trasportation"by the edd.Ive No clue where theyre getting that information and now must appeal their desision.

    I know "E"(the mother) seemed different after the 2nd child was born.She seemed paranoid but I wasnt aware of any real issues and was never given reason not to trust her and her husband I was happy at work bc I adored the children I cared for.

    I always go in the direction the spirits guide me but being homeless isnt something I look forward to.....I look forward to getting my life back on track.

  • Thank you Markie808 and to everyones support n good wishes.As of today Im officialy homeless.I move out today.

    I try to be as positive about this situation as I can be.I know Im not tied down to anything....no job;no home;no family...I could travel the world...if I just had the funds to do so...


  • BGoddess,

    I am sorry for your plight but I also feel this will work out for you. I feel a goodness of spirit surrounding you and protecting you.

    You must folllow through with the appeal for unemployment. The information they stated was probably falseified by the same woman who fired you as she is trying to give them an excuse for firing you without grounds (so she made something up) and the underhanded way she treated the situation and illegal new employee. Don't try to use this against her unless you have to as you are better off severing any ties to them. (If it happened to be on your answering machine, keep the message and don't delete it.)

    Do seek out some church or such for temporary safe shelter, I think there maybe some help for you through this.

    Blessings and the protection/guidance of Archangel Michael being sent your way.

  • Also BGoddess,

    You can add a request here http://www.tarot.com/forum/topic.php?id=10241&page=128&replies=1271&totalitems=1271

    to the healing/properity thread.

  • Thank you so much Ibelrive.I bet your right about mis information from my former employer.I hadnt thought of that. I have no contact w/them..When her husband gave me a ck for 1 days pay he said"I know what "E"s doing is wrong;but what can you do."....and hes an attorney!I just want to focus forward as best I can.Ive found a safe place to stay for the time being so I cant complain.

    I sincerely thank everyone for their well wishes and good vibes 🙂


  • Well, he does have to live with her and she is the mother of his children, so I can see why he just wants peace. It's nice that he at least extended a somewhat apology. I am very happy you found a safe place. Keep your spirits up and be open for the Universe to come through for you.

    Blessings, Love and Light

  • BGoddess, if you want to travel, maybe you can apply to work on a cruise ship or similar - they may have childminding or nanny facilities or maybe you could perform some other job there?

  • BGoddess, I had to appeal my unemployment and it took a couple of months, but the employer did not even call in to dispute it and I won. If the husband had this attitude that might happen for you; do follow up on it - it's your right. And I'd see if I could get the husband to give me a letter of reference now; if you could get that and then have it for the appeal it would give you complete leverage. For an attorney to do that is just....wrong. It should have consequences.

    I too am glad you've found a safe haven and you don't have to put all your focus into it, but I would at least file the appeal if there's still time.

    Good luck and many blessings - the perfect home or travel for you!

  • He actualu did give me a letter of reference(that only he signed btw)and Ive spoke to a few lawyers whove told me what they did was"unethical"but not illegal (?)And Ive looked into cruises... 🙂

    Thanks again to everyone for your support and suggestions


  • The Illegal part is paying someone under the table. But you would have to have proof. With the economy the way it is, there is a lot of that going around. I am not personally against it and it has a place its place in our economy as well, especially in home services. My own sister made a living that way years ago cleaning houses for people. With three small children, she could not aford a job and pay for child care at the same time.

    However, if she tries to hinder your unemployment benefit, then its fair game.


  • I know.Its a tough situation.I knew it goes on but have never been fired by anyone.Exspecially Knowing they can afford to pay 10$ an hr which is what I charged them.Its disappointing to know the woman they hired was there when I showed up for work.I know what she looks like but I dont know her name...Id rather just be able to find work and in SoCal thats easier said than done.

  • Well, perhaps this is a chance for it to come to you. Be open and allow the best to come through to you. Don't lose faith (didn't someone write that onthe other page, Hmmm.)

    Anyway, you keep to your standards (high) and life will match it.


  • BGoddess - Just thinking of you and hoping you are warm and safe and creating miracles!



  • I have been saying blessing for you Bgoddess and hope everything goes well for you

    Keep fighting for your unemployment benefits also have you checked working at a daycare center? or even change and work in a assisted living center for older folks they always need help. It could lead you to get a cna designation

  • Bgoddess, the same thing happened to me ten years ago. I was fired by my employer's daughter, by phone, because my boss didn't have the "balls" to do it herself. She gave no indication that she was displeased with me, other than being upset because I wouldn't extend my hours and cook the evening meal for her (I was a housekeeper). That wasn't in the job description. Know how humiliated you must feel and also betrayed. Only want to say that for everything lost in this life, something better will take it's place--something intended for you and that is better for you. And also, did you know that there are websites specifically geared to those seeking employment and those looking to hire people as caregivers? Care.com is one I can think of. You can post your skills, work history and wage required and people can contact you if they have a position or vice versa, look for the same. Good Luck!

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