What Does it All Mean?

  • I recently dusted off my tarot cards in search of an answer of my career path. I did love my job but things at work have dramatically changed within the last 8 months. The work environment has been stressful and everyone is in fear of losing their job. I'm planning to leave soon and am wondering if I'm making a sound decision. Can someone please help me gain some clarity and insight with the cards that I drew. I found it very interesting that most of the cards that I drew were mostly major arcana. Does this mean anything?

    Below is the spread:

    1. Death

    2. Sun

    3. Ace of Cups

    4. Wheel of Fortune Reversed

    5. The World Reversed

    6. Hanged Man Reversed

    7. The Star

    8. 8 of Swords

    9. Four of Cups

    10. Ace of Wands Reversed

  • There are different variation on the Celtic Cross, so would you please identify what each card position is so I can give you an interpretation? For example, Card 7 is "hopes & fears" or "current environment" etc.

  • From what I have seen, Major arcana cards mean that something "major" is occurring or about to occur

  • Any clarity would be very much appreciated. Thanks so much watergirl18!

    Here it is:

    1. Covering/Significator Card

    2. Crossing Card

    3. Crowning Card

    4. Base of the Matter

    5. Past Influences

    6. Forthcoming Influences

    7. Where One Finds Oneself

    8. Views of Others

    9. Hopes and Fears

    10. Final Outcome

  • You need to think about this a bit more before you make a move. The Sun crossing you is a suggestion that you are not seeing things clearly and the Ace of Wands reversed as an outcome is not good. Why are you planning to leave? Just because everyone is afraid of losing their job? Not a good reason to quit. And don't kid yourself -- that stress is occuring EVERYWHERE so the grass is not always greener. If you were planning on quitting because you want to pursue something you have always wanted to do, then that is a better reason. However, the cards are still pointing to leaving your job at the moment not being the best move. Maybe you could start on something else on the side instead before you throw the baby out with the bath water...



  • This post is deleted!

  • I was planning to leave to have our second child. I was going to leave two months before the baby was due to spend time with our my daughter, our first child. I was going to take this opportunity to not go back to my current job and pursue something else after my maternity leave.

  • Are you currently pregnant or trying to get pregnant?

    The Wheel of Fortune reversed as your foundation suggest the downside of a cycle or unexpected setbacks. The Ace of Cups above you is obviously representing the pregnancy or wanting to be pregnant. The World reversed in your recent past suggests stagnation, obstacles, quitting too soon or failure to complete a cycle. The Hanged Man reversed in your near future suggests a poor financial decision, useless sacrifice or depression.

    The reason I asked about the pregnancy is because your covering/significator was Death and your crossing was The Sun. The Sun in this position can indicate not seeing things clearly and needing to shed light on the situation, however it can also represent a baby boy. The Death card points to a major transformation or transition in life, but if you are pregnant please make sure you are keeping up with your doctor visits, ok?

    The Star indicates your wish to be at home with your daughter. The 8 of Swords - not sure if this is supposed to be others' views of you or your views of others?? 4 of Cups as hopes points to wanting revitalization, something to look forward to, no longer being in a rut and renewed relationships with others. 4 of Cups as fears would be feeling in a rut, apathy, disenchantment, social isolation and depression.

    Ace of Wands reversed as an outcome card indicates unfulfilled promises, dashed hopes, cancellations, frustrations, lack of motivation, etc.. This as an outcome along with the other cards is why my first post was to tell you that what you are considering is not a good idea.

    The fact that I used the term "throwing the baby out with the bath water" in my initial reading is bugging me. It could just have been me picking up on the pregnancy thing, but I do have to say that in looking at the cards again I am getting a strong "health" vibe for you which is why I asked if you were trying to get pregnant or if you already were pregnant. Let me know and, if needed, I will pull some cards for you myself.


  • Hi Watergirl,

    I'm currently 5 months pregnant and have not seen my doctor in a few months due to insurance issues. We finally resolved the insurance issue and I plan to go back to the doctor in a few weeks. Its funny that you think its a baby boy since that's what my premonitions are saying. I've been having dreams about a baby boy and truly feel that its a boy.

    I planned to quit my job in June and spend the rest of the summer with my daughter before the baby arrives which is in the beginning of September. I didn't plan to go back after maternity leave. I was going to concentrate on my family for the next 6 months while looking for something else.

    I was offered a promotion just recently. I've been contemplating the offer. 8 months ago I would have jumped at the opportunity. But things have changed dramatically at work. I was demoted and shuffled around by the new CEO and now she wants me to work very closely with her. Many of my colleagues were fired for unfounded reasons. Fear is a tactic often used by her. I'm unsure if taking on this new position would be right for me. My happiness is worth more. I've been stressed out at work all the time and know that its unhealthy for the me and more importantly the baby.

    I want to know if I should stay with this company or leave? Any help would be very much appreciated

  • You shouldn't make a decision to leave at this point. I drew similar cards to yours which suggest that it would be a financial mistake. Something will be coming up in the future which will make this advice seem more clear. You need to be more optimistic and show some leadership for the time being. Self-restraint was the big message that came through and definite regret if you follow through with these plans. I am getting unfinished business and failure to complete a cycle so there must be a life lesson in this for you. Once again, a message or event in the near future wil clear this up for you.



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