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  • Hello everyone

    I am very interested in beginning to learn how to read the Tarot cards myself. What would you say is the 'easiest/best' way to begin learning ?

    I look forward to chatting to other like minded people on here, any other people in my age group out their ?? lol (47 !)

    Thanks for your help

    Sue x

  • Hello, I joined today and asked the same question, because I don't understand them either. I haven't got any replies yet though.


  • I am 48 yrs old, and I have been reading tarot for about 7 years, it is a wonderful tool, but to complex a question to answer in one question. There is a member on this website callem skemmett goddess or something like that, ha,ha,ha and she seems to really be trying to help beginners. Every week she introduces a card and it's meaning.

    Over and above that all I can reccomend is going to your public library, there are loads of books for beginners.

    One suggestion though, stick with the Rider-Waite deck and it's meaning until you become more familiar with Tarot. There are a zillion decks to choose from, but, Rider-Waite is a safe starting point...

    Good luck

  • Getting started...

    Pick a deck you like and buy it - if you can find one you like that's listed as being for "beginners" then the book will be easier to learn from, but either way, buy a deck you feel drawn to.

    Then go to your local library (or make use of inter-library loans) and get a few books on the tarot (there are tons of books for beginners). Don't expect to learn or memorize the cards all at once. You might consider starting a file or compiling definitions for each card for your own reference (someone recommended to me that I write on the back of my cards and that's what I've done - I love it that way, but others might be offended by the idea). Then use the cards. The more often you do spreads and see cards in different positions the more you will learn and feel each individual cards energy.

    I also really like this site:


    Megan Potter

  • Are you intuitive? Alot of people say I can read but I never got comfortable with the cards. I do reiki and Use intuition.I should learn.

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