Help with Tarot reading interpretation

  • Hi,

    Would anyone like to give their thoughts on this reading I had done recently.

  • Apologies for multiple posts, I didn't know adding photo would submit the post. I also don't know how to delete posts.

  • Wow - did you pull every card in the deck (lol!). Just gonig with the Celtic Cross, it appears as though you are heartbroken about something (I am assuming a relationship), but you need to realize it is over and move on. There are better things ahead for you....

  • Thank you for your input. Yes I am heartbroken. Did you see all of the signs for big changes going to happen this year?

  • The cards are saying that you have the power to make things change for you this year, but you are still holding on to this other person or thing and that is what is keeping you from creating anything new in your life. Release it, let it go, then work on your own inner confidence and sense of self-worth so you can realize that the power of the future lies within YOU.

  • Thank you for the vote of confidence I will try that

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