Is there a difference if you are "observing" in a dream.

  • I've had a few extremely vivid dreams & they are always reoccurring. I haven't had one of these dreams in a few years but I had one the other night & again last night. I can describe every detail, including the "feeling" of the situaiton. Everything is peaceful, the water, the boat & the people all seem at peace. However, I'm always observing in these dreams, it's as if I'm "peeking" over the atmosphere.

    Does anyone know if there's a difference between being an observer versus a participant in a dream?

    Thanks in advance for any insight, Love & Blessings from Texas

  • Dear Kookish,

    I'm not a dream analyzer by any means, but my understanding of your observation viewpoint is that you are in an astral transit state. In your dreams, you can go visit anyplace you desire and your spirit seems drawn to this setting. It can be in the past, in the present, or even in the future. You can visit anyplace or with anyone you desire to. In order to do this, your spirit must separate from your physical body. So while your body is resting, your spirit takes a bit of a break! You are retaining the memory and sensations of it in your awake state...after your spirit returns to your body.

    And how fun == to experiment, you may just state your intention before your rest time to go to a certain spot. Go visit your best friend. Or a relative. To see what they are doing. Then, connect with that person to say what you saw. To confirm you were there. If you came to me you would probably see me sleeping at night too lol, so maybe pick someone in a different time zone!

    Angel blessings to you!

    Miss Beth

  • Two meanings. Spirit shows me the word DETACHMENT. Water is often a metaphor for emotions. Depending on other parts of a dream it can also mean other things. I believe this dream comes at times of reward and warning----when you have recently used your fortitude and free will to avoid getting caught up in outside conflict and your emotions or when you DON'T as a reminder. In this recent case I'd say you are being validated for detaching from outside drama. And spirit says the reminder to keep that energy going. In otherwords your life can be as peacefull as you choose it to be. Not an easy thing! As we all struggle with that. Seeing things from above can also mean the "egos" perspective---that by seeing yourself "above others" can be judgemental in a way that it seperates you---again---detachment---from relationships and people around you.. I always tell people when dreams really confuse--let go of the images and focus on the "feelings"---you did just that! These are often the key to hearing the dream. BLESSINGS!

  • MissBeth, The thought of traveling is fabulous, I'll make sure I wear my good jammie to bed from now on.

    Thanks for the insight! Love & Blessings from Texas

  • Blmoon,

    Of course JUDGEMENT is there haha; however, it doesn't feel like I'm "above" the situation (as in being judgemental), it's as if I'm "peeking" at it. The "detachment" from spirit is interesting & I don't know what I'm supposed to stay detached from. Everything "feels" PEACEFUL but I don't know if I need to feel peaceful about. Is it the people in the dream, how I feel about them or their situation or something else, or am I "detached" from reality & it's just my subconscience wanting more for the 2 people?

    I put the dream on the Dream/Vision topic on 4/21, would you mind looking at it & see if there's any additional insight. I've had 2 vivid dreams about these 2 people (both are listed on the page) & the other was 2 years ago & I know the dream was trying to tell me something about their relationship & it evently came to light. This time, it's the same people but a very different scenario but just as vivid.

    Thanks in advance if you can & thanks for your insight on this page.

    Love & Blesssings from Texas

    Thanks so much

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