Are dating sites worth it?

  • i have been checking out dating sites lately and was wondering has anyone ever found anyone? the sites i have looked at are , and and was wondering what your thoughts are on these sites. let me know so i dont waste my time. thank you

  • Hi Jeremy23

    I have some experience with E-Harmony is different because they pick out the people for you to meet based on a test you take. Match lets you see everyone you maybe interested in by location, age,astrological sign lol . and so on......

    Funny thing is woman lie most about their age and body type. Men lie most about their height.

    I had quite a few dates and I enjoyed the experience. You can also check out plentyoffish. It is free so you can see if online dating is for you.

    Hope this helped.

  • Morning Jeremy23

    As RubyRedLips advised POF is a good site which is free. I have been on dating sites for years and have become a serial dater 😉 and I would NEVER pay for a site, there are plenty of free ones. Try Tagged, WAYN, WooMe. I have met peeps who ended up marrying someone they've met off a dating site so I know it can happen and if you don't meet your soulmate it's good fun trying.

    Good luck

  • Yes n No i´d say. Ive tried it n got all unserious nasty almost porn related response. 1 even opted i oughta chunk my life go travel n work my way around the world. Not a thing one do when one sits with 3 major debts n works around the clock to pay em off before time.

    Ive on n off signed for such but i always winded with no good losers. Even women replied my profiles as if i was a lesbian. Often i find such a place people disregard member profiles. Violating members too.

    HOWEVER ive had friends who has found the one on such a place. So miracles do happen. I guess its a test drive n see if its for u or not. Its the same with when u wanna get a new car. U dont buy it unless u have test driven it no?

    Over all in my book it can get u a load of bull but it can also get u a load of great dates n a potential the one. In end what matters is how u click in person face to face. Thats when it has to stand the tests.

    I for me wouldnt go to any date sites ever again, no way pass naah aaahhh. But some of my friends as mentioned swear by it. Matter if taste i say.

    So its a choise. I say test drive n see if its u or not.

    best of luck


  • The only experience I had with online dating was with eharmony. I met my last b/f through them. However, about 6 months into our relationship, he confessed some things about himself that were not in his profile...he intentionally left them out. One of them was that he was bipolar, but under treatment. I had some really mixed feelings when he finally spoke up. I really cared for him, but also felt that he hadn't really been honest with me in his eharmony profile to begin with. I have a son with autism (and yes, it was in my profile), and honestly would not have put myself in a situation of having an autistic son and bipolar b/f to begin with. But I gave him a chance, and we were together for two years, but his mood swings were just too hard to work with in the end. It was too difficult to find harmony with him, and the relationship felt off-balanced, even though he was really a very nice man.

    But like I said, I only tried online dating this one time, so please don't use me a guide. I'm just sharing my experience. I have also heard of people getting married after meeting online. Whatever you decide to do, I wish you the best in finding the love of your life! 🙂

  • Valid question..... but I can't help but think you are trying to get people to the site you sent a link to?....please forgive me if I'm wrong, but it is against forum rules to post links to promote a business, only reason I question it is that you only posted a link to the one site and not the others???

    but like I said, if I'm wrong I wish you all the love in the world 🙂

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