Hello Markie808 can you give me advice or insight Pls ..

  • Hello! There Markie808, I never been here for awhile for I keep myself busy so I turn my frustration in to positive. I born Feb. 16, 1975 unfortunately still single yet happy but most of the time kinda confused and end up upset and nearly losing myself confidence. And if I was depress I need to be away since last year I'm always having hard time to deal with my on devil of weakness .I'm nearly messed up my financial stability for I am always away and never go back to work and killing myself and asking what did I done wrong why I am suffering for all the guy that I used to get to know till we fell apart on hurting each other. Im a messed most of the time I find myself bossy lack of sweetness . I never once have a feeling that the guy the I used yo go out is may Mr.Right I do like and love them but mostly I can really feel it's all about body contact to them and the most words that I hear to the last guy that I used to go out was it's just sex and he told me do I think everything that we shared and spend time together has a meaning to him. It's totally hurt full he makes me believed that his the one till I found put that his having relationship overseas . I used to go out with a young man 23yrs. I meet him last year and meet up again two months ago and we keep company but no expectation before I used to tell him my experience and he was telling me that I am an idiot to pleasing the guy or win him back. Apparently I'm so vocal to him and we get along for sometimes I felt bad and over power him and I have no right and I'm a bit silly to demand time on him most of the time for all I knew that his having crazy and busy time at work. And this is not what, I want , I want someone with connection normal conversation and spend time with me if we click why not ?But this month it seems like I wanted to be left alone and I'm afraid to be comportable like this cos I want my own family and lately my focus was on my house. I was wondering why this cancer guy can't never ever swear on me personality but over the phone my goodness I am going to melt Down always on his right down . And I ask him talk to me nicely in person and I was told by him that he will never ever seeing me again and he was afraid that he might kick me or bash me but I don't really feel that he will doing that to me, anyways I have too much and I am afraid what will be the next thing will gonna happen.

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  • Hi! Markie808,

    Thanks for your kindness what you said is totally relevant on my situation right now. That is true I know how to value my money and I look after with my own sweat and blood and I am proud of myself that at early ages I started to work hard and I learn how to value my money, I can easily tell that money is not an object to me cos I know how to share my blessing and I love to share and the word generous is a compliment to me but I always said to them that peoples matters to me deserve it cos I was busy working and find guilty sometimes cos I don't spend much time with them due to my work,but the sad things was some of them abusing my kindness or my be I was blindness of I don't want to hurt them cos they are part of me.But lately I know how to cut my tie with them. Yeah there are times I was to scared of being alone and end up to be by myself and keep thinking that I am getting old ,I just turn 36yo. last Feb.16, and still can't find the right one for me. Peoples know me and matters to me always giving me compliments that they are glad that I am doing well or some of them are getting jealous or envious but deep inside I was dealing with my own anxiety or my own demonds that I am scared for being by myself but God is good and people here helping to face the reality of life.I am a loving person full of love and I always makes sure I put it all with them till I learn I need to save some for myself .There are times I never scared of being alone cos I can see that I can always give my love and share it with someone needed it.I have plan to adopt a kid if I end alone but Iam glad to hear here that I am getting married and had wonderful kids and hubby. I was really eager to have my own family for me they are my life and can love me as they true love. I grow up without my mum and dad figure but thanks god I have a wonderful stepmum that always guiding me and helping me when I was on my down time. I learn how to live life own my own after finishing uni in my home town I work straight ahead and things makes me feel better and give me security that I can built my own dreams on my own and it happens , I can travel and I love doing that and now I bought my own place. One thing is only missing in me and again thanks for giving me courage not to be alone cos someone out there will love me for who I am. And you mention my laziness that is true I can be lazy and I don't really care sometimes and the only thing makes me go and get up when I checked my financial stability and I am always lucky that I can easily put back myself to normal. Peoples who really knew me telling me that I don't had big problem what do I have to do is to save up and be stable and for sure they will pleasing cos I am very responsible person.And that is true I feel so strange that I am not very emotional to some of the guys that I used to go out I feel like I need a time for myself I don't want baggage and so with them. I hope all things work out and I was positive that I can make it . God bless Markie808 thanks for up lifting me on my down side. Big Big Hugs and Kisses.

  • Its me again Markie808, I forgot to let you know that I had no ideas about the card up above. And I do appriciate your great help for me as sometimes I'm kinda confused for what I want and who I am in this world.

  • angel hugs

    Annieian, the card, above the response from Markie 808, is a spammer .

    You may be able to get "Admin" to delete it. This pops up a lot, especially on long weekends when "Admin is off".


    loving silver wings.

  • Thanks to you Juliana , I was aware of this but I really don't know that it was look like that and what will give it to me I now afraid I will report this now cos I had this before and just ignore this . Kisses.

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